'One Punch Man' Spoilers: Saitama Finally Returns To Fight Monster Bakuzan; Will He Finally Be Recognized?

By Shor M. Rae , May 16, 2017 05:43 AM EDT

The latest chapter of “One Punch Man” has just been released and the character that fans have been waiting for has finally shown up. The ongoing Super Fight Arc in the manga has revealed Saitama's return and Suiryu’s transformation.

Suiryu Humbled And Defeated By Gouketsu

One of the highlights of the ongoing Super Fight Arc was the appearance of the monster Gouketsu and his anticipated showdown with Suiryu. However, the previous chapters of the “One Punch Man” manga have revealed that Suiryu, no matter how strong he was, was no match for the mutated Gouketsu. In “One Punch Man” Chapter 74.5, Suiryu is left almost dead with Bakuzan, who has also turned into a monster, hanging around to end the dying martial artist’s misery.

After sacrificing two heroes and witnessing the strength of the rumored Monster Association, Suiryu has felt true fear and decided to beg for his life. He accepts defeat and tells Bakuzan to let him off and the two dying heroes who helped with Suiryu’s earlier attempt to escape. However, Bakuzan declines and plays with Suiryu, telling him to lick his feet to change his mind. With his last strength, Suiryu breaks Bakuzan’s mutated toe and accepts his fate as he cries out for help.

Saitama Returns And Comes To The Rescue

The most awaited event has finally happened in “One Punch Man” Chapter 74.5 as Saitama returns to the scene. As soon as things were getting unpleasant, Saitama makes it in time to save the unconscious Sneck from getting crushed by the angered Bakuzan. The caped bald explained that he was late because he was taking his time to get dressed when he realized that villains have stopped coming after him.

Saitama did not reveal his identity and simply introduced himself as a hero who came after hearing Suiryu’s cry for help. Despite the pitiful shape, Suiryu is in, Saitama commended him for resisting the fight for a long while and headed to fight Bakuzan. It has been a while since Saitama was on the scene and fans are hoping that with Suiryu being left alive to watch the show, he will witness Saitama’s true strength and realize that he is actually a high-class hero.

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