Cheryl Burkes Hinted On 'Dance Moms' Final Season While Throwing Shade On Abby Lee Miller; Infamous ALDC Owner Faces Another Complaint Before Going To Jail

Cheryl Burkes persistently mentions how traumatized the stars of "Dance Moms" were during their time with Abby Lee Miller. While hinting on the possible finale of the Lifetime series, the new mentor promised to give the stars some "positive memories" until their last filming. Meanwhile, Miller has not yet answered to Burkes' statements as she might be busy fixing yet another complaint which concerns her Florida home.

The Burkes and Miller war seems far from being over. The new "Dance Moms" host has again emphasized on the "trauma" that her dancers endured during their first seven seasons of work with Miller. Burkes told Steve Harvey in an on-set interview for the new season of "Dance Moms" that she sees how the dancers and their mothers alike were traumatized and promised to skip the "screaming and yelling."

Avid fans of "Dance Moms" have been witnesses on how Abby Lee Miller gained attention from her arguably "harsh" mentoring methods. The ALDC owner received countless criticisms for fighting with her co-stars which even caused several dancers to leave the Lifetime show. Miller has however defended her means as her way to help them succeed which some viewers recognize until now.

Cheryl Burkes tells on television though that she does not believe in Miller's methods and ought to uplift her students rather than press hard on them. The new coach has however promised to be strict but in her own "better" ways. She also said that since "Dance Moms" Season 8 might be the finale of the long-running TV show, she wishes to send the dancers and the mothers off with good memories.

While Abby Lee Miller answered to the same statements of Cheryl Burke last May, she remains mum about the new disses thrown at her. Many believe that this is due to her new problem which concerns her Florida vacation home.

Neighbors of Miller reportedly complained about her unattended swimming pool which has already become a breeding place for mosquitoes and rodents. As it is already becoming a sanitary problem to the location, the residents already took the initiative to clean the facility.

Learning the situation, Abby Lee Miller thanked her neighbors' kind deeds and put the blame on her landscaper who reportedly failed to maintain the area. She also said that she has been busy with her recently concluded court hearing regarding her fraud cases.

Abby Lee Miller is scheduled to check in prison this coming June 30. Miller is not giving any comments about her jail time but talked about how she plans to spend over a year of jail time. The ALDC owner said she is not giving up on her career and is plotting a new show after she serves her time behind the bars.

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