Luxury Car Sales Are Soaring up to 80% in Australia: Check out the Best Sellers Here

The world is in turmoil right now and the automotive industry has taken a huge hit. Analysts estimate certain markets are going to record low numbers comparable to figures posted over 30 years ago.

by CaseQ.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Is Planning To Have The Cybertruck Drive Across The Country Before 2020 Ends

The Tesla Cybertruck hasn't been seen in public much at all, but Elon Musk seems to be planning a grandiose cross-country trip for the electric truck.

by Jared N.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Unauthorized Work Stoppages Have Pissed Off Fiat Chrysler's Executive

But for automobile industries that have managed to keep their doors open, employees getting coronavirus is one of the risks that car manufacturers face.

by CaseQ.

The World's Potentially Fastest Electric Motorcyle Uses Dry-Ice to Cool Its Engine! Learn More About the Voxan Wattman

The Potentially Fastest Motorcycle in The World Could Run on Electricity! Take a Look at the Voxan Wattman

The potentially fastest motorcycle in the world known as the Voxan Wattman could be using a new technique to cool its engine, dry ice!

by Urian

FILE PHOTO: Tesla's primary vehicle factory reopens in Fremont

Elon Musk Celebrates in His Letter: Was Tesla Able to Make Profit Despite the Pandemic?

Was Tesla able to make a profit despite the coronavirus? HOW!?

by Urian

TuSimple truck

TuSimple to Roll Out a Network of 50 Futuristic Self-Driving Trucks This Year: What's the Longest Route Can They Drive?

TuSimple is creating a network of auto-driving trucks, and it looks like it's going to expand to every state in the United States. But is it something that will become reality?

by Jared N.

BMW M3 2021 Prototype

[Review] Car Enthusiast Shares First Driving Experience with 2021 BMW M3 and M4 Prototypes

The engineers of the new generation 2021 BMW M3 and M4 did not make it any easier when they also brought an F82 M4 to the track for the prototype test drive of the new M brothers.

by CaseQ.

New Ineos Grenadier 2021: The New Off-Roader Powered by BMW Engines!

Ineos Grenadier 2021: The BMW Powered Engines for Ultimate Off-Road Performance

Off-roader with BMW engines? The new Ineos Grenadier might have it all!

by Urian

The rental Mustang before its transformation into a Cannonball competitor.

This $600-Ford Mustang GT Rental Car Drove from New York to Los Angeles in just 26 Hours

The driver of a daring high-speed record "Cannonball Run" across America says video evidence of his pursuit "would probably land me in jail".

by Casey Q.

2021 Audi Q5

The Upcoming Audi Q5 SUV Features The First of its Kind OLED Taillights Alongside Various Upgrades

Audi is overhauling their Q5 family SUV, which they are upgrading with new functions as well as a feature that has never been seen before.

by Jared N.

Tesla New Feature Spotted? Model S is Testing Out Sensors for Autopilot!

Next Feature Spotted: Tesla is Testing Sensors for Autopilot on the Model S!

Tesla could be improving their autopilot feature. Will this technology finally be effective?

by Urian

Nikola Badger

You Can Now Reserve Your Own Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Truck Starting Today

The Nikola Badger electric pickup truck will now have its reservations commence starting today. Find out more details in this article!

by Jared N.

Nikola Badger

Nikola's Badger Will Also Come With Built-In Soda Fountain: CEO Milton Explans How it Works

In the upcoming battle in the electric pickup market, unique features could be the difference that attracts consumers. For the Tesla Cybertruck, this could be its design and speculated amphibious qualities.

by CaseQ.

Ever Wondered How Fast Can You Crash a Brand New Lamborghini? Motorist Crashes $247,760 Huracán in 20 Minutes

[VIDEO] Motorist Crashes Brand New $250,000 Lamborghini Huracán in 20 Minutes: Who's to Blame?

Lamborghini no big deal? A motorist crashes a $247,760 Huracán in 20 minutes.

by Urian

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