Ford Mustang EV

Ford’s Mach E-1400: First Electric Vehicle With 1400 HP

Ford today unveiled a special edition of its forthcoming four-door electric Mustang. Seven electric motors produce a total of 1,400 HP, which to put into layman's terms, is a shit-ton of power.

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Mercedes-Benz EQS

This EV Mercedes-Benz Offers the Longest Range Than Any Other Electric Vehicle

Expected to launch next year, it will have a very impressive range of over 435 miles (700 km), measured in the WLTP cycle, according to Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius, who spoke about the model at the annual shareholders meeting hosted earlier this month.

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General Motors

12 New Electric Vehicles Coming Your Way Courtesy of General Motors

The 2019 Sustainability Report of General Motors shared details about 12 of the 20 upcoming EVs promised by the automaker to go on sale by 2023.

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New York's Time Square

New York Plans to Expand the Infrastructure of Electric Vehicles With a $750 Million Investment

More electric vehicle infrastructure is planned for New York as Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to allocate almost a billion dollars into an investment program.

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Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2020

Is Ford's 2020 Ecoboost Mustang Really Worth the Value?

If you're out looking for a new sports car, then perhaps the new Ford Ecoboost Mustang is for you. Here are the details that this car has that you might be interested in:

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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

It Looks Like the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Will Be the Most Powerful AMG V8 So Far

The new car from Mercedes-AMG is looking to be an AMG V8 with the most power, and that's definitely a good thing.

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2021 Nissan Ariya

Does Nissan’s New Electric Crossover Have What It Takes to Compete With the Tesla Model Y?

Nissan seems to be starting a new chapter for their company by unveiling its new vehicle called the Ariya during an online global premiere event.

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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

Check Out What the New 2021 Mercedes AMG Has to Offer

Introducing the latest addition to the AMG GT series, the Mercedes 2021 AMG GT merges 720 horsepower, a 202 mph top speed, and some seriously striking aero tech to make the automaker's most raucous model.

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Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk Cancels Plans for Standard-Range Version of Model Y, Cuts Price by $3,000

It looks like Tesla won't be making a standard-range version of their Model Y car. To compensate for the cancellation, they have cut the price of the Model Y by a small amount.

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Ford Bronco 2021

After 24 Years The Ford Bronco Is Back With New Models

The Ford Bronco made its first appearance back in 1966 as a vehicle without any roofs or doors giving it a very sporty appearance which was Ford's Original All-Purpose Vehicle.

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Toyota Corolla Cross

Check Out the New Toyota Corolla Cross Set to Arrive in the US Soon

Arriving hard on the heels of the Yaris Cross that debuted a few months ago, Toyota has unveiled the 2021 Corolla Cross in Thailand.

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Learn the Ropes of Assembling a Car Like a Mechanic in Wrench

You can read all the manuals and watch hours of video, but nothing beats hands-on wrench-turning experience if you want to get better at understanding how your car works.

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Driverless car from WeRide

Chinese Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturer WeRide Starts Testing Cars Without Drivers

Chinese autonomous vehicle startup WeRide is starting tests for driverless vehicles.

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Ford Police Interceptor 2020

Black Employees Working at Ford Want The Car Manufacturer to Stop Making Police Vehicles

Ford's black employees have requested that the car manufacturer to stop the production of police cars.

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Electric Vehicle

Time to Get an EV? Electric Vehicle Owners Will Soon Get Paid for Charging Their Car

If you're thinking of investing an electric vehicle, now is the time to do so as electric vehicle owners will soon be paid for charging their car into the grid.

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