Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ Color Leaks: Green? Copper?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ Color Leaks: Copper?

It seems like leaks of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20+ have started to surface revealing that the upcoming phone could be green! Or even copper!

by Urian

CCC Certificate Reveals Galaxy Note 20+ Comes with 5G, 25W Fast Charging, 108 MP Camera, and Other Specs to Expect

CCC Certificate Reveal Galaxy Note 20+ Comes with 5G, 25W Fast Charging, and Other Specs to Expect

Samsung will release Galaxy Note 20+ in late 2020. Sources state that Samsung will reveal its newest creations on both the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy Fold series around August 2020. Here are specs to expect.

by Urian

Alleged Apple iPhone 12

Rumor: Apple iPhone 12 Could Actually Be Portless

Rumors circulate online saying that the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 could actually be built without ports!

by Urian

New Phone Review: $1199 Sony Xperia 1 II

$1199 Sony Xperia 1 II Review

Would you buy the new Sony Xperia 1 II for $1199? Here's a review to help you make that decision.

by Urian

Rumors Reveal Samsungs Plan to Make a New Foldable Phone for Just $1100: Would You Buy it?

Rumor Says Foldable Samsung Costs $1100: Would You Buy it?

A new rumor has surfaced revealing a new Samsung Fold that would cost almost $1100.

by Urian

Nokia 125 and 150 Sells for Under $30: Would You Buy This Phone?

Would You Buy the New Nokia 125 and 150 for Less than $30?

Nokia's new 125 and 150 are selling for under $30. FM radio and basic features are included.

by Urian

How does the $660 Xiaomi Mi 10 Differ from the OnePlus 8 Pro? 8 GB RAM, 108 Megapixels, 6.67 Inch Curved Display, and Many More

$660 Xiaomi Mi 10 Specs vs OnePlus 8 Pro: 8 GB RAM, 108 Megapixel, 6.67 Inch Curved Display, and More

The new Xiaomi Mi 10 is the direct competitor of the OnePlus 8 Pro. Learn more about the $660 smartphone!

by Urian

Miss Going to the Movies? Why Not Make Your Own Home Theater? All it Takes is a Simple Mini Projector

Miss the Movies? Make Your Own Home Theater with Just a Mini Projector!

Since going to the movies is quite impossible nowadays, why not set up your own home theater? All it takes is a simple mini projector you can buy on Amazon!

by Urian

Mother's Day Gift? Why Not Buy Her a Pretty Phone? Here's How to Pick the Right One

Pretty Phones to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day: How to Pick the Best One

Picking the perfect mother's day gift can be quite hard but if you have a little bit of budget for a pretty phone, you might want to consider getting her one.

by Urian

Mobile Phone Company Xiaomi Secretly Records Your Private Data Using

Xiaomi Mobile Phone Company Uses "Web Browser" to Secretly Record Private Data: Mi Browser Pro and Mint Browser

Researchers have just recently found out that a mobile phone company called Xiaomi is gathering private data by using web browsers!

by Urian

Tech21 Evo Check

Keep Your iPhone 11 Pro Max Safe With These Amazing Phone Cases

Protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max comfortable and safe with these durable but still fashionably stunning phone cases

by Renz

SIM Trays? Camera? Display Assembly? $400 Apple iPhone SE Shares Same Parts with iPhone 8: Is This a Good Thing or Bad Thing?

$400 Apple iPhone SE and iPhone 8 Share the Same Parts? Cameras, SIM Trays, and More!

Apple's new upcoming iPhone SE has been all over social media with buyers excited for the upcoming $400 phone but what would happen when they find out that the new SE shares parts with the iPhone 8?

by Urian

Nokia's New TA-1221 Armstrong Adds an FM Radio Feature along with Bluetooth! Will This be Enough for a Comeback?

Why is Nokia Adding an FM Radio Feature? Will the New TA-1221 Armstrong Make or Break Them?

Nokia comes out with a new model, the TA-1221 Armstrong. This phone comes with an old-school feature and the only question to be asked is, why?

by Urian

Engineers Have Just Invented a Type of Hydrogel Material that Can Turn Overheating Gadgets' Heat Into Electricity

Overheating Gadgets Can Now Turn Heat into Electricity: Engineers Invent Hydrogel

Engineers have recently been able to invent a type of hydrogel material that can turn excess heat from overheating gadgets into electricity!

by Urian

Learn How to Turn Your Phone Into a Computer With the Use of Nothing but NexDock 2!

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Laptop with NexDock 2

If ever you've been wondering how to turn your phone into a laptop, you're in luck! All you need is the NexDock 2!

by Urian

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