Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC Gameplay Trailer Hints Of Moving Towards TPS

Square Enix has recently revealed the gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto at E3 2017. As the DLC title suggest, Prompto is at the center of the game's latest expansion. There are many scenes in the trailer that showed him shooting at his enemies. This could be a hint that the video game is moving towards a third-person shooter.

Episode Prompto Is Different

The gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto also gave the impression that this will be a darker and more sinister episode compared to Episode Gladiolus. Episode Prompto's gameplay appears to be different from the core FFXV. With Prompto shooting at his enemies, it seems to be more like a third-person shooter which is different from the basic gameplay of FFXV.

Prompto Is On A Path To Discover His Roots

In Episode Prompto of Final Fantasy XV, Prompto will be separated from Noctis, Gladiolus and Ignis. For some reason, he will be alone in the Arctic. Square Enix says that he is on a path to discover his roots. He will be using a snowmobile on his journey. Along the way, he will encounter enemies whom he will take down using bazookas and machine guns. And he will not forget his favorite pastime, shooting selfies even when he is fighting an enemy.

This Episode Will Take Two Hours To Complete

A gamer will be required to take missions in Episode Prompto that take a longer time to accomplish. As such, he will spend about two hours to complete this new update of Final Fantasy XV. This latest DLC also comes with a time attack mode. After a player completes the episode, he will be provided with an extra gameplay that he can choose to tackle.

The trailers of Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto also featured some melee techniques and augmented hand-to-hand attacks. This could mean that they will also be a part of this latest DLC. Square Enix also announced that it will release this latest update on June 27 for Xbox One and PS4.

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