Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Confirms Episode Prompto DLC Arriving This Month

Square Enix has recently announced that it will release the new Final Fantasy XV Prompto DLC later this month. This update will feature Prompto's Episode, the new addition to the ever-expanding FFXV game world. The game publisher also revealed a new trailer for this upcoming update.

Square Enix also provided some of the details of the free June update as well as the Final Fantasy XV Prompto DLC. Both items will be released on June 27. This release date was confirmed via a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV Universe, a fishing PlayStation VR set. It is actually a sub-franchise item that collects various DLCs, video games and movies that are related to FFXV.

Square Enix Teased About This Prompto DLC Last March

Square Enix actually teased about the Prompto DLC of Final Fantasy XV in March of this year. There was a teaser of this DLC included in Episode Gladiolus which was released at the end of that month. It took three months for the game publisher to confirm its release.

The trailer of Final Fantasy XV Universe also included video clips of Monster of the Deep. It seems Sony is planning to release it in September. At the same event, Sony also revealed that it will launch King's Knight of the Dark Dragon, a new mobile phone RPG at the same time. This game will be available for iOS and Android and will offer multiplayer support for up to four players.

An Ignis Episode Is Also In The Works

With the release of Final Fantasy XV Prompto DLC, gamers will be able to take the role of Prompto, one of the three friends of Noctis, the main protagonist of the game. They will be treated with a new episode, with Prompto as the main focus. A future DLC is also in the works. This one is titled Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis. Ignis is also among the three friends of Noctis.

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