Pokemon GO: Niantic Releases Details On Gym Revamp, Raid Battles, Legendary Roll Out, Gym Battles And Many More

Niantic has already temporarily disabled Gyms in Pokemon GO to make way for its overhaul. The developer is now busy fixing the latest update. Niantic is purportedly having this gym revamp to improve the gaming experience of fans and eliminate the problems that plague the game.

What can fans expect when the gym reopens? Here are the things that the Pokemon GO Gym revamp will implement when it is finally released.

1. The new motivation system will impact the Gym Defender Pokemon. After the revamp, Pokemon will become demotivated. This will reduce their CP or combat power. It will become easier for trainers to take down well-fortified gyms

2. Gyms will get a 'spinnable photo disc' similar to a PokeStop. If players spin or hit this disc by pressing the respective button on Pokemon GO Plus, they will get unique items.

3. There will be six permanent defender Pokemon slots in gyms. Gamers of the present controlling team can now get their choice Pokemon. Instead of their CP order, Pokemon will now be fought according to the order they were added to the game.

4. 'Gym Badges' will now be distributed in Gyms just like in classic Pokemon games. These badges are not just collectible items but can be used to level up and earn better rewards and bonuses.

The Gym revamp of the upcoming Pokemon GO update will also affect Raid Battles. Here are some of the elements of Raid Battles that will be impacted by this gym overhaul.

1. Gamers will be rewarded with new items for beating Raid bosses. They will also be able to catch the Raid Boss Pokemon.

2. Trainers will be allowed to team up in Raid Battles so that they can take down Raid Boss Pokemon.

3. Friends can build their own private raid teams through the friend code system.

4. Players from any team can join together to fight the raid boss more effectively.

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