Pokemon GO: Next Update To Add Multiplayer Feature?

Pokemon GO will soon have an update that may possibly add a new multiplayer feature to the game. This could be deduced by the recent announcement made by Niantic on its website. Apparently, this is timed with the temporary closing of gyms for remodeling announced recently by the developer.

Niantic Wants To Improve Game Mechanics

In a report, Mike Quigley, Chief Marketing Office of Niantic, suggested last month that they may introduce multiplayer feature in Pokemon GO. He admitted that they really wanted to improve the gym mechanics of the game. This will be the next big area for Niantic, he added.

This development was reiterated by a Niantic official blog posted last week. The company teased the fans by saying there will be more exciting updates coming soon after the temporary disabling of gyms. It then revealed that they are preparing for a new update that will be focused on collaborative group gameplay features for Pokemon GO.

A New Collaborative Gameplay Will Be Introduced

Quigley also touched on this collaborative system of play for Pokemon GO, particularly on its capture mechanic. He mentioned that a gamer is practically acting as a lone wolf whereby he goes into the game all alone by himself. There is no sense of connection with others. Apparently, they are correcting this aspect of the game and will make it more like a cooperative effort by two or more gamers playing the game at the same time.

Temporary Disabling Of Gyms Will Give Them More Time

So, by their own admission, Niantic is temporarily disabling the gyms of Pokemon GO to give them time to prepare for this new collaborative system of gameplay. The company claims that this system will provide gamers more fun ways to play the video game. However, there is still no definite date when this temporary gym closing will take place. But fans can expect it to happen very soon. Meanwhile, Pokemon fans can still enjoy the Fire and Ice Event. There are two more days left for this event.

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