‘Pokemon GO’ Will Be More Realistic With Apple’s Augmented Reality Tool

Pokemon GO fans can look forward to a more realistic game in the future. Recent developments indicate that this mobile app will support ARKit, the advanced augmented reality tool of Apple Inc. This tool was presented by the tech giant in the Worldwide Developers Conference this year.

What Can ARKit Do To Improve Pokemon GO?

The ARKit of Apple provides AR capability on iOS. And Since Pokemon GO uses this platform it is easy for the game to support the ARKit. With this tool, gamers will be able to do fast and stable motion tracking. This tool will make objects look like they're in a real space not just like they're hovering over a certain surface.

Some gamers believe that this latest innovation will make Pokemon GO even better. ARKit can also provide correct scale and ambient lighting estimation. Players will be able to immerse themselves more in the game because of its augmented reality capability. They will experience a more realistic and better-looking game than what is currently available.

Apple Has Invested A Lot In This Tool

While Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO, admitted that his company has invested a lot in augmented reality tech, his company has not hyped the ARKit tool so much. But he revealed that this technology has a huge potential. Although Pokemon GO is now incorporating it into its app, ARKit was not specifically designed for such application. Now, it is bringing the mobile game app into its next level.

There Is No Launch Date Yet

Apple did not reveal how Pokemon GO will use the ARKit augmented reality tool to improve its gameplay. There is no mention of its launch date as well. At least, they already let the cat out of the bag. There other apps such as the one from Lego Batman and another one from Ikea that are waiting in the wings for this tool. Perhaps fans should knock on Nintendo's door so that it won't take a long while before they can enjoy catching an augmented reality Pokemon monster.

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