Pokemon GO Solstice Event Warning: Scammers Are Using Lack Of Promo Code Knowledge To Fool Gamers; Be Informed

A lot of Pokemon GO fans are intending to enjoy the game's Solstice Event also known as The Fire and Ice Event. Die-hard fans of the game are still focused on this event even with all the craziness that is now going around the E3 2017. But they need to be warned because there are scammers waiting to pounce on those who lack promo code knowledge related to the event.

The Pokemon GO Solstice Event started on June 13 and will last up to June 20. Spawn rates of Ice-type and Fire-type Pokemon will increase at this time making fans vulnerable to any shenanigans of the scammers. The numbers of scammers are small but still significant and they plan to take advantage of the lack of promo code knowledge of many fans to their advantage.

First, the unsuspecting fans should understand the Basic Pokemon GO Promo Code Facts. Promo codes are used to redeem items used in the game such as Poke balls, Lucky Eggs, Lure models and many more.

Here Are The Basic Promo Code Facts For Pokemon GO Solstice Event

- Code Entry is text-based

- Code Entry is only in Android

- Codes are about 12 characters long and are comprised of letters only.

- Some codes will provide Lure Modules

- Some codes will provide Lucky Eggs

- Some codes will provide Pokeballs

- Some codes will provide new items that are not yet confirmed

Gamers Must First Investigate Before They Act

If Pokemon GO Solstice Event gamers receive codes that deviate from these characteristics, they should not act right away. They need to verify where it came from and who sent it before they do anything that will result in them being cheated or hoodwinked.

How Scammers Fool The Innocent

Scammers can use the code delivery system to lure unsuspecting gamers by offering codes in exchange for digital crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and others. They will use the codes to prove that they are doing real and legit transactions during the Pokemon GO Solstice Event. This is entirely possible because these scammers have a way of getting one code instantly from existing portals like Sprint. If the scammer can do it for one code, he will make it appear that he can do it for all the rest. And that's where the scam begins.

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