One Piece Chapter 870 Predictions & Updates: Luffy Gets Small Chance Of Winning Against Big Mom Through Marco? Yonkou To Finish Bege?

The failed Big Mom Assassination plot of Luffy and Bege now has the Grand Straw Hat Fleet and the Vinsmokes in grave danger. With Charlotte Linlin finally coming to her senses, the furious Yonkou and her merciless pirates are after the traitors. Will Big Mom end the life of the traitorous Bege in the next story of "One Piece" or will Luffy and his allies take the risk of ending the Yonkou's life once and for all?

The previous chapter of "Once Piece" showed the unending struggle of Capone Bege, Luffy and the Straw Hats as well as the Vinsmokes who chose to take the side of Big Mom's attackers. While the whole crew was able to find a fortress inside Big Father, the Yonkou's pirates were quick to find a way to hold up the Bege and his allies.

After screaming for several chapters, Big Mom finally comes back to her normal self and is now aware of Bege and Luffy's plan to bring her down for good. Furious, she is now planning to run ahead of Bege and kill him first before he gets the chance to harm her further.

The allied forces of Bege, Luffy and Sanji are now immobile as the Big Father is trapped in layers of candy with its chance for defense also stuck with mocha balls. Unfortunately, a bigger threat is expected to go down which might make it impossible for the allied forces to escape from Big Mom's territory.

There are now countless theories that Bege might sacrifice his own life for the success of their assassination plot. A ray of light is however predicted to shine through the enigmatic treasure box also known as the Tamatebako. It is said that the mysterious box holds something that can create a diversion that the grand fleet can use to make it out of Big Mom's castle alive.

Another prediction that might be quite farfetched for now is the sudden appearance of Marco. The first division commander of the Whitebeard, who also happens to be an ally to Luffy, is said to reappear to the grand fleet's rescue. Also, Pudding is theorized to finally get involved in the battle where fans are guessing to whose side she will be fighting for.

"One Piece" is on its regular break, following the rest needed by the series creator, Eiichiro Oda. "One Piece" Chapter 870 will then be officially released in Weekly Shonen Jump on July 3.

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