Clash Of Clans Latest Update: New Features And Upgrades Coming To Builder Hall Level 6; Night Witch, Roaster Added

Supercell recently announced Clash of Clans' latest update and the changes, improvements, and additions that gamers will see when it rolls out soon. One element of the game that will be affected is Builder Hall Level 6. There will be two new units added to the game as well.

This Clash of Clans latest update will affect the secondary building area and the raiding strategy and new defenses that gamers will use. The two units that will be added to the game are the Night Witch and the Roaster. Existing units in the game will also have their level caps increased.

What Are The Critical Changes In Builder Hall Level 6?

There will be a number of additions to Builder Hall Level 6. They include another Archer Tower, another Crusher, Mine and Mega Mine. That means gamers now have two Archer Towers and two Crushers. With this Clash of Clans latest update, gamers can now build four additional walls. In addition, all of their defenses can now be upgraded to level 6.

Here Are The Details Of The Two Additional Units

The new Night Witch that comes with this Clash of Clans latest update is the nocturnal sibling of the Witch. Gamers will get her once they have upgraded their Builder Barracks to Level 8. On the surface, these two witches look similar, but they have some differences. The new Night Witch has attacks that can hit air units as well as those in the ground. She can spawn bats for her offense. Upon receiving fatal damage, she turns into a swarm of bats.

Roaster is the other unit that will be added in this Clash of Clans latest update. Gamers can use Roaster to fight the Night Witch. It is actually a defensive building that spits out flames. Gamers can use Roaster to spew scalding plasma to their attacking enemies. Roaster is able to burst-fire 15 shots of flames successively. One shot of Roaster at level 6 will inflict 16 damage points. Gamers can expect this update released sometime in July.

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