Pokemon GO: Raid Battles In Selected Gyms Now Available; Trainers Can Now Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO now allows players in selected gyms around the world to form their own team and participate in Raid Battles. Doing so will enable them to catch rare Pokemon. However, not all gamers can join in because the original announcement says only those who are at level 35 can participate.

Niantic Has Downgraded The Level Requirement Two Times

Apparently, Niantic doesn't want these Raid Battles of Pokemon GO flooded with millions of gamers so it limited participants to those at level 35 before they can join. However, since the initial announcement, Niantic has downgraded the requirement two times. First, the publisher allowed those at level 31 to join on June 23. And then a day later, the requirement was lowered again to level 28. So, more players can now join the Raid Battles.

These Raid Battles of Pokemon GO is part of its big updates that also included legendary Pokemon, rare candy, TMs, gym badges and several staple game features. Niantic has not specified which places in the world these Raid Battles will take place. However, to those who are lucky to be near the assigned places, they will have a chance to catch rare Pokemon, get special rewards like Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candies and various types of Technical Machines.

Here's How To Join The Raid Battles

Pokemon GO Level 28 players and up can join these Raid Battles by getting a raid ticket. They can purchase a ticket from the in-game shop. A raid pass will always be used up regardless if a player wins or loses. It is therefore wise for a gamer to enter a battle where his chance of winning is great.

After getting a raid ticket, the gamer must go into an in-game lobby. This is where he will team up with other gamers so that they can be allowed to enter a battle. Then they will be ushered into the usual screen-mashing strategies of Pokemon GO that they should be very familiar with by now.

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