Destiny 2: Beta To Officially Start In July For Xbox One And PS4, PC In August

Destiny 2 has announced the official starting dates of its beta tests on all platforms. Gamers will have their chance to try out the game, especially its multiplayer mode and also be able to see how well the network infrastructure of Bungie works. Beta test dates for PS4 and Xbox One will be different from PC.

In its announcement, Bungie said that the Destiny 2 beta tests for the multiplayer mode will start on July 18 at 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time for those who pre-ordered their copies. PDT is Bungie's time zone. However, only PlayStation 4 owners will be given access to the game on the first day. Xbox One owners will have their turn to try the game a day later on July 19.

On July 20, the Destiny 2 beta tests will be open to everyone regardless if they pre-ordered their copies or not. The trials will start at 10 a.m. PDT. These beta tests will only last until July 23. Therefore, interested gamers who are thinking of buying their own copies are advised not to pass up this chance of seeing how the game works.

Bungie also revealed that it is also planning to undertake Destiny 2 beta tests for PC owners. But this may not happen until August this year. The developer also assured PC owners that they will come up with more information about these beta trials soon.

Bungie also revealed some contents of the Homecoming mission which will be featured in the Destiny 2 beta. The game developer also confirmed that during the beta tests, gamers will be able to try out the Inverted Spire strike. There will also be some PvP content that will be accessible during the beta tests.

The game developer also said that three new subclasses will be made available during the Destiny 2 beta tests. They are Sentinel, Dawnblade, and Arcstrider. Bungie also confirmed that the video game will be released on Sept. 6, 2017.

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