Destiny 2: Bungie Plans On Moving Release Date Forward; Here's Why

Bungie is planning to release Destiny 2 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 ahead by two days. The game developer initially announced that it will release the title on Sept. 8, but recently advanced it to Sept. 6. This should be welcome news to fans since their wait will be cut short by two days.

It Will Relieve Stress On The Servers

Bungie must have a very good reason for advancing the release date of Destiny 2. Luke Smith, the director of the game, announced the change of the game's launch date on June 13. He revealed that this forward adjustment will relieve the stress on the server teams. Smith added that it may also prevent potential frustration for the title's fanbase.

The director admitted that they were looking at a number of logistics specifically the technical diligence. He revealed that based on their experience, Bungie games experience their highest concurrency during the Saturday of their first week. Therefore, they believe that they are putting the technical team of Destiny 2 at risk if they release it on a Friday.

This Will Ensure Fan Base Increase

In other words, they would not like Destiny 2 to hit the streets a day before its potential busiest day. According to Smith, if the game suffered a downtime on its second day, it would be bad for the title. In other words, Bungie decided to advance the game's release date to ensure that its fan base will increase, and not slide down.

And then, Bungie can make the proper adjustment should Destiny 2 perform much better than they had expected. Many fans believe that this title is going to get big. Currently, it has more than 30 million registered players. The game publisher is wishing that a large portion of that number will decide to buy into its upcoming sequel. Prior to its Sept. 6 release, beta tests of the game will start on July 21.

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