'GTA 6' Leak Points to New Bitcoin Rewards: Will It Be the 'Grand Theft Auto VI' In-Game Currency?

 'GTA 6' Leak Points to New Bitcoin Rewards: Will It Be the 'Grand Theft Auto VI' In-Game Currency?
"GTA 6" will reportedly be creating its own version of Bitcoin in-game. Photo : Cate Gillon/Getty Images

A new "GTA 6" leak has been spotted, and this one says the game will reward players with cryptocurrency. Note, however, that this is not a real cryptocurrency. Instead, "GTA 6" will be creating its own version of Bitcoin in-game. Learn more about the details of how to make quick cash on the cryptocurrency market.

The latest leak came from a reliable source: Twitter user Tom Henderson. This leaker has a history of getting the information right for games like "Call of Duty," "Battlefield," and more recently, "Grand Theft Auto 6." Tom was one of the first to predict that "GTA 6" will use a modern setting instead of the '80s thematic, adding credibility to his latest tweet on cryptocurrency.

'GTA 6' Leak Points to New Bitcoin Rewards

Tom Henderson first tweeted that "in GTA 6, some missions will reward you in bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions." This tweet opened up a thread with over 115 comments, 178 retweets, and 1.5K likes as of time of writing. Tom pointed out the cryptocurrencies will mark the return of stock market features and different broker corporations.

However, the leaker clarified that the cryptocurrency will be added to the game and does not replace the pre-existing cash currency. The cryptocurrency rewards will be available for high-profile characters who prefer to pay commission with "untraceable cash and fast."

To clear up any confusion, the leak is about in-game cryptocurrency and not "Bitcoin" per se. Instead, Rockstar Games will be developing their own cryptocurrency to use in the "GTA 6 online market."

Tom concluded his leaks with a reminder to "always take info like this with a bit of salt." Keep in mind to be wary of "GTA 6" rumors, especially since most of them have been disproved. While leaks like this are an exciting prospect, remember that Rockstar Games have yet to release any official information regarding "GTA 6," including its release date.

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'Grand Theft Auto VI' In-Game Currency?

Assuming that this leak is accurate, Tech Radar reported that in-game cryptocurrency shows a lot of potential for "GTA 6."

Similar to "GTA 5" and its stock market exchange, players will be given another fun method of earning quick money. Players will have to work their way around the internet and in-game trends to get the hang of this new cryptocurrency. Also, crypto will add variety to in-game currency, especially for other NPCs.

Also, it is unsurprising that "GTA 6" joins the hype for the rising popularity of cryptocurrency. The in-game crypto might even boost real-time cryptocurrency market shares. However, to avoid being sued, it is expected that Rockstar will develop their own version of "Bitcoin," "Ethereum," and maybe even "Dogecoin."

Again, keep in mind to take leaks like this one with a grain of salt. Rockstar could easily pull out this idea while "GTA 6" is still in its developmental stage. Wait for an update through their official channels for an accurate description of what to expect in the game.

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