'Pokemon Go' Update: Excellent UI Improvement Proposal Surfaces On The Internet

An awesome UI proposal recently surfaced at Reddit to adress current UI issues. Certainly, we haven't paid enough attention to Pokemon Go's UI because we are so hyped with the game itself.

But for Reddit user 'deaconbooze', excellent user interface and experience is a must.

Feature concepts

'deaconbooze' points out some common issues with the current UI and suggests that the Pokemon Go safety feature warning when travelling too fast should have a 'do not show again' button. Much like on our PC pop ups where there is a tick box as option not to pop the same message again and again. As stated on the design document, "Sure, this warning is important, but it shouldn't get in the way (specially if you're not driving). Players should be allowed to suppress reminders for the remainder of their gameplay session."

While walking on map

Another design concept is improving the map mode, the one that shows your avatar walking around in a map. Buttons have been suggested.

Top left - goes a 'Gyms Held' button, which shows how many gyms you are currently dominating. It would like to have another UI showing your gym-assigned Pokemon and their stats. Below the 'Gyms Held' button would be your incubating egg status which navigates to your Pokemon Go eggs UI.

Also stated on the graphic is that your team membership should be displayed with your Pokemon Go avatar profile picture on the bottom right.

Pokemon ball menu

Improvements have also been suggested to the Pokemon ball menu in Pokemon Go. When tapped, it will show a new button called 'Train' to replace the 'Shop' button. According the the design, this is for those who rarely travel, i.e. disabled, to have access to training gyms instead of actually walking up to a Pokemon gym in Pokemon Go. Pressumably, there would be no level ups on this mode since it will take away the over-all essence of the word 'GO' in Pokemon Go.

More features!

Aside from what is stated above, there are lots of very convenient features suggested by 'deaconbooze'. For full details, please click on image for full view:

Keep playing

This article reminds us to play Pokemon Go without cheating, after all, if the game is too easy, where's the fun in that? For tips and tricks, legal of course, visit my other articles on the related article links below.

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