'No Man's Sky' Update: Player Pool Drops 90%, Sales Drop 81%, Refunds Pending

This sad news made me reflect a bit about No Man's Sky, I even made a late review about it, just to commemorate how great the game is despite its popular negative reception. It has been a challenging 2 weeks for No Man's Sky as the numbers come in. First off, 90% has been reportedly shaved off from the game's player population in just 2 weeks' time.

No Man's Sky had a very positive hype prior to release but it seems that the wheel of fortune has taken its turn too soon as trends for the game has skyrocketed in the wrong direction. The game really has no sense of 'hooking up' players into the game.

GameRant.com has reported that out of 157,000 players, only 10,000 remain to stick around in a span of 10 days as reported by Redditor /u/Skoonk. They also added that even though players do not stick around in just one game, this rate is too fast for a triple-A game as it was expected to have a longer life-span considering its hype during pre-launch.

Player base isn't the only statistic that's going down

Moreover, a sales report of 81% has dropped for No Man's Sky, also during its 2nd week on the market. It maybe because of the pre-orders lumping up the sales during the first weeks but it seems that this is not a promising trend to say the least.

This drop in sales for No Man's Sky has been traced back to the loss of players and in general loss of interest to the game mainly due to Stability issues, which was to be expected considering the virtual scope of the game to be 'galactic'. This issue has led to the third unfortunate event on this article about No Man's Sky.


Reports about refund demands for No Man's Sky has surfaced on the internet for various reasons. One notable refund justification though is that the game tends to crash several times. At this point, it is heart breaking to discuss such sad news for the game but you can see the details here.

There is still hope

No Man's Sky may have a bad first 2 weeks but it's never too late. I am hoping that Hello Games and  Sony  would come up with something that will bring the numbers back up. If any of you guys come from the company responsible for No Man's Sky, I would like to suggest a plethora of free DLCs, you might want to study CD Projekt Red's strategy on The Witcher 3: Wildhunt.

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