China Pursues Mission To Mars And Search For Alien Life

China is currently taking on one of the most ambitious projects that its nation has ever done before, and that is developing a new Martian rover. It is currently one of the latest milestones of the country's space program.

China is aiming to send people back to Mars, but it is not that much about competing for head to head with NASA. Their main objective is to prove that aliens do exist on Mars.

Chinese Efforts To Find Alien Life In Mars By 2020

One of the main driving force of Chinese culture is their undying perseverance. The China National Space Administration is on a quest to prove this inherent Chinese nature of "perseverance" with this current space program.

Official reports even claim that the country will send the Martian rover to the red planet by 2020. Despite the lack of technology to travel at light speed or through laser beaming technology, its mission is not just to collect rocks, but to prove that aliens are living in Mark.

The Chinese nation wanted to echo through the sands of time and be known as the first to make contact with aliens.

China Enters The New Space Race

The United States, Russia, and China are three of the best nations that have space programs globally. Their race to space in previous years was proven to be more on the idea of "bragging rights".

In a positive note, the world has now evolved in this latest decade and that bragging rights are now considered as an obsolete ideology. Most people don't believe that aliens do exist, but China is very eager and confident to find it by themselves in their Mars mission in 2020.

In years past, NASA was the favorite when it comes to reaching Mars. But now, the odds have changed, and China is clearly becoming the better bet.

Chinese Space Mission To The Moon

Mars is not the only destination that China wanted to go to. The confident space program of China also wanted to go the moon and also prove that alien life is there or perhaps, have been there.

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