Proxima B Alien Life Forms, Terrain And More; Everything You Need To Know

These past few days are indeed worthy to be called a "Eureka" moment, as the scientists stationed at the European Southern Observatory have discovered a new earth like planet that is four light-years away from our planet. It orbits Proxima Centauri which is the nearest star to us.

Where Is Proxima B?

Proxima B is a planet that is very much closer to its sun, Proxima Centauri. It only takes 11 earth days to complete one Proxima B year. But fortunately, Proxima B has the sun that is also way cooler than that of ours, so it is most likely that it is located in the habitable zone that could sustain life.

Then again, hopes should not be too high as there are a lot of factors that makes the newly discovered planet also unfit for life. Two of the biggest problems are ultraviolet rays and x-rays that are bursting out of the star, thereby endangering the possible chemicals for life to exist on that planet.

How To Get To Proxima B?

On the other hand, the light sail technology is currently being developed, and within 25 years, we can venture into that unknown world and see for ourselves if it is really a habitable world. Dr. Mikko Tuomi says "It is the closest possible planet to us and may be the closest to support life outside the solar system."

This is indeed one of the best discoveries that humanity have experienced. If life is discovered in Proxima B, it would surely put an end to the timeless question of "Are we alone in the universe?"

Now is the time to prove once and for all if aliens really do exist. The light sail technology which is currently being developed will be the key to the discovery of new life elsewhere.

Its sun, the Proxima Centauri is located in the Centaurus constellation. It is inside a star system that has three stars, and it is the faintest of them all - the Alpha Centauri A and B. The brightest star is visible to Earth.

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