'Pokemon Go' News: Snorlax Caused A Stampede In Taiwan [Video]

A wild Snorlax appeared! This Pokemon Go alert notification has caused a stampede in Taiwan as Snorlax decides to show up. Time.com reports that a very surreal video portraying thousands of Pokemon Go trainers in Taiwan, some are just joining the bandwagon, running after a wild Snorlax zombie outbreak style.

This unconfirmed video was posted first on Facebook over the weekend courtesy of a user living in Taipei. The video was later posted on Youtube. As you can see, Pokemon Go players stampede across the city streets of Taipei ignoring traffic, pushing on intersections along Xinbeitou district. With urgency, people rush towards Pokemon sightings, allegedly wild Snorlax.

For those in the office and are obviously blocked out of Video sites, it is similar to World War Z where Pokemon Go players rush in mobs towards where a Pokemon would spawn. You can actually say, 'it's the end of the world, sadly because we are turned into zombies by a mobile game, not a strain of virus'.

While it is not yet confirmed, Chinese media reports state that Xinbeitou and its surrounding area has become focus for 'thousands', not just hundreds, of Pokemon Go players targeting exotic Pokemon spawns, one of them reported to be Snorlax.

Reports say that overcrowding is very intense that civil defense brigades have been deployed to maintain order, along with them are also policemen to reinforce surrounding areas.

Reporters added that this Pokemon Go craze has been causing delays and disturbances in most parts of Asia. Bangkok, for one, give their police force no choice but to arrest motorists and pedestrians while playing Pokemon Go on the road. This has been so because of the numerous accidents caused by the game.

Also, in Cambodia, Pokemon Go players have menaced the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum trying to catch wild Pokemon.

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