Pokemon GO Update: Scanners, Maps Down; 3 Great Alternatives Here!

Pokemon GO scanners and maps that have access to Niantic servers have been broken after the recent security update which includes Quickmap, PokeEye, PokeAlert, ScanGo, OpenPokeMap among others. However, scanners that are not API-based like The Silph Road's Nest Atlas as well as those crowdsourced are reportedly still working. Meanwhile, Pokemon sightings at the gym are now counted as seen in the Pokedex.

Pokemon GO Scanners, Trackers

Third-party trackers and scanners have been used by gamers to locate nearby creatures in Pokemon GO. The game developers have complained that the scanners' access to its API have been draining their servers leading Niantic to completely disable access via a new forced security update eliminating access of almost all third-party scanners. The new update makes use of Recaptcha to shut down several known maps and scanners.

Pokemon GO & FastPokeMap

On that note, FastPokeMap went to Twitter to announce that it would take them at least two weeks to start the service again. All other scanners that use the API have the same message. In the meantime, scanners that do not have access to API persist to allow trainers to send in the locations where the Pokemon was found. Crowdsourced maps are also available to intercept data sent to Niantic to record location of Pokemon spotted. Other users claim that solving the captcha enables the app to start working again. Still others reportedly view scanners as a form of cheating in Pokemon GO saying that it is against TOS.

Pokemon GO Pokedex Changes

Meanwhile, a new update in Pokemon GO will now allow Pokemon sightings at the gym to be counted as seen in the Pokedex. Prior to the update, only the previously spotted creatures in the wild are tagged as seen and not those found at gyms. This is expected to make things easier for players to find rare Pokemon when playing.

The Pokemon GO feature confirms the poster on Reddit that referred to Phantom "Seen: 1" Pokemon in the Pokedex". In addition, catching a Particular Pokemon in the wild and seeing the same at the gym would count as two in the Pokedex instead of one. It should be noted that these changes are said to affect counts for Pokemon seen vs caught. Watch video on TOP 5 BEST SCANNER / TRACKER POKEVISION ALTERNATIVE - OCTOBER 2016 FOR MEGA RARE SPAWNS - POKEMON GO here:

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