Pokemon Sun and Moon Update: Another Dark Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon leaked reports claim that a new Alolan Grimer is on its way. The creature from Alola is also said to be a Dark-type Pokemon and the fourth Poison-type of creature in the Drapion and the Skunktank line. Furthermore, a "Type: Null" evolution with a special item and ability is also slated to be in the works.

The Alolan Grimer for Pokemon Sun and Moon was first reported by Serebii saying that the alolan creature was spotted in the recent "Corocoro" magazine. The Poison and Dark-type Pokemon has no confirmed abilities yet. Furthermore, the Japanese publication also unveiled the evolved creature of Jangmao-o, the Dragon or Fighting-type. Further, the creature is said to evolve into people in Japan called Jarango which in turn will evolve into Jararanga.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is also said to include a Type: Null evolution called Silvadi. Moreover, this evolution is rumored to change type depending on what item it has hold of. The ability will be known as the AR System.

Rumors have been circulating that a faux Arceus card pack has been going around. It should be noted that if the pack has no HP and the text is smaller with a different font, then the pack is a counterfeit. Furthermore if the box is made of cheap cardboards, do not come with a standard bag and does not have a very thin sheet of black in between the cardboard, it is a fake as well.

Meanwhile, the report from Seribii allegedly revealed a first look at the Alolan Grimer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, Siliconera reported. Additionally, other pages allegedly from the latest issue of "Corocoro" unveils a lot on Jangmo-o and Type: Null evolutions as well. Furthermore, it is said that when Type: Null encounters a trustworthy trainer, it will break its helmet and evolve into Silvadi.  

Pokemon Sun and Moon is also rumored to include a special item for Sivaldi called Memory. It remains unknown whether one or 18 items for all types will be needed. Furthermore, a new attack will also be included which is called the Multi Attack.  Watch video on Pokemon Rap - Coro Coro Leaks | ALOLAN GRIMER! NEW EVOLUTIONS & FAKE ARCEUS! POKEMON SUN AND MOON

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