Maroon 5 Uses Pokemon GO To Highlight How Celebrities Are Treated Like Commodities

Pokemon GO has reportedly been the inspiration of the new hit single by "Sugar" band Maroon 5. The band jumped on the Pokemon GO bandwagon in the song "Don't Wanna Know" that featured lead singer Adam Levine dressed in a Pokemon-inspired outfit. Sarah Silverman also appeared in the music video as an orange with a top-pony while Ed Helms showed up as an eggplant.

Adam Levine tries to get over his ex played by Sarah Silverman by doing the usual things--drinking a healthy veggie smoothie, playing a hit game on his device, driving his convertible, drinking liquor, doing yoga, all while dressed in a giant Pokemon suit. Later on, Adam stops over to witness a group of Pokemon GO enthusiasts trying to catch an Ed Helms eggplant who, apparently was a Pokemon character. Adam then finds himself being chased by the gamers trying to catch that Pokemon.

"Wedding Crashers" director David Dobkin also directed the clip. Mid-visual, Director Dobkin made a meta commentary asking Levine to don a cowboy hat on top of his Pokemon garb. "I don't know if I want to be like, silly," responded Levine. The scene ended with an appearance from Vince Vaughn also dressed in a Pokemon-inspired costume.

In other news, Pokemon GO is only at its page one of chapter one, Niantic said in a Reddit post. Apparently, the game may have been released on its initial stage and that many more exciting things are in store for the game. Niantic CEO John Hanke also confirmed the post in an interview last September saying that "Pokemon GO" is only in its early stages.

Pokemon GO was reportedly an instant hit once it was launched in July. SurveyMonkey recently announced that an average of 15 million "Pokemon GO" enthusiasts" play the game every week. The game  already ranks 5th on the top grossing games in the US on iTunes. Watch video of Maroon 5 "Don't Wanna Know" here:

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