Top 8 Best Abilities in Overwatch

There has been a constant debate about what is the most overpowered Overwatch ability and so instead of arguing which is which, let's just make a top list of some of the best abilities in game. Now this topic is definitely subjective as you might feel another skill works better than the most but we'll definitely make sure to include all of the most annoying and seemingly overpowered skills in the current patch. Yes, this list is subject to change once the PTR updates go live.

Top 8 Best Abilities in Overwatch

Ana: Sleep Dart

Ana's Sleep Dart is the only ability in the game that has an instant lockdown mechanism. The most successful use of this ability is when someone is casting ultimate such as Deadeye, Deathblossom, etc. Essentially it's not the duration of the sleep that the strength of this ability stems from but its powerful ability to interrupt and successfully control an enemy target during crucial situations.

Symmetra: Photon Shield

Another utility ability that's really handy as it never fails to deliver success on your teammates is Symmetra's Photon Shield. This ability gives your friendly target of choice(which you can basically put on all of your allies), an effective maximum health boost which can be healed and regenerate as well. It's arguably one of the best utility abilities in the game.

Roadhog: Chain Hook

Everyone can agree that Roadhog's Chain Hook can be highly overpowered during certain cases. But this ability can be a double edge though as it can be annoyingly hard to land on your mobile targets as well; but once it does, your target will surely be taken out instantly, considering you have another dps near you. It can interrupt ult as it provides a brief stun + the pulling mechanism which is pretty overpowered in most cases.

Genji: Deflect

Genji's Deflect ability can sit in the top spot if played really well (insane reflex) as it can be viewed as an "ultimate stealer." You can basically reflect most of the projectile abilities in the game including ultimates which is pretty much overpowered in my opinion. Although it doesn't necessarily make Genji OP but this ability is one of his greatest strengths that makes him painstakingly hard to deal with.

Mei: Ice Wall

Mei's Ice Wall can turn the tide of the battle if placed perfectly well. The ability not only obstructs vision and blocks attack, it also separates greedy dps and tanks away from their team. Ice Wall can make or break your advantage as it can be a double-edge sword as well. But once Ice Wall is correctly deployed, the ability outshines most of the skills on this list.

Reinhardt: Barrier Field

Reinhardt is pretty much present in any match that you play in Overwatch and it's for a good reason. Reinhardt's Barrier Field is what makes him a vital tank for your team. It can soak a ton of damage as well as provide opportunity for your dps to correctly position themselves once your team is inside enemy lines.

Lucio: Crossfade (Movement Speed Boost)

Lucio's Crossfade (Movement Speed Boost) ability in conjunction with Amp it Up, is arguably the best utility in the game especially in higher ranks. The ability is a tide-turner in almost all situations as it can provide extreme advantage to your team both in initiation and disengagement. It can also help your team chase vital targets and avoid enemy chokepoints.

Zarya: Projected Barrier

Zarya's Projected Barrier is highly overpowered in the current patch that even Blizzard decided to nerf the ability as it pretty much ruins the basic mechanics of the game. The ability essentially has no weak points as every time it's fired at your teammate, you both of you always gain an advantage. There is nothing much left to say about this ability as it's pretty much the most overpowered ability in the current patch. Hopefully Blizzard will be able to make some significant changes to make this Hero more balanced in the competitive scene.

This concludes my list of Top 8 Best Abilities in Overwatch guys. Do you agree with everything that we haveincluded in this list? Let me know of your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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