PlayStation 4 Embraces Third Party Controllers To Beat Xbox One and Xbox Elite

For the past 5 months straight, Xbox One has successfully dominated the market as its sales soar to new heights, toppling down its long-time rival, the PlayStation 4. Apparently, Microsoft has been doing some new tweaks every now and then which offer more option for both casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy. Despite of its limited exclusive library, Xbox One somehow overcome this by giving other unique features which appeal to many console fans and one of them is by having customizable controllers.

PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller: Dualshock 4

For a while now, it seems that the Dualshock 4 has failed to deliver the expectations of most PS fans as it offers mediocre features compared to the Xbox Elite - having fully customizable buttons, extra triggers and a polished aesthetic design that's also great for gripping. But now, it appears that Sony has just found a new way to fight back against Xbox Elite as it features on its official site the two third-party PlayStation 4 controllers from well-known companies:

Razer Raiju

The Razer Raiju delivers exquisite customizable options for hardcore gamers plus new features including built-in volume control and extra triggers. It also has a cozy look on its analog caps which is simply a bonus for the new controller. Although you might find it a bit bulky and somewhat ugly (overall appearance) you'll surely love its added grip and customization option for your PS platform.

The full details about the Razer Raiju can be found here.

Nacon Revolution Pro

The Nacon Revolution Pro offers multiple profiles for hardcore gamers as well as an eight-way directional D-Pad for those that are not fond of the analog controls. With the rise of big FPS titles (Battlefield, Overwatch and COD), the multiple profile option seem to be very handy as a hardcore gamer. Also, design-wise, the Nacon Revolution looks sleeker than the Razer Raiju. Well, it all boils down to preference and price.

The full details about the Nacon Revolution Pro can be found here.

What do you think of the new third-party controllers? Would you prefer either one of them over the Dualshock 4? Lastly, do you think it's better than the Xbox Elite? Let me know in the comments section below!

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