Skyrim Remastered Update: FPS In PS4 Pro Even Worse; Latest Patch Fixes Crashing Issues

Lots of things are definitely happening within the confines of Skyrim Remastered. First and foremost is the fact that Bethesda's latest title is experiencing issues in terms of FPS. However, it seems to be even worse when the game is played in PS4 Pro. Nevertheless, the studio has opted to release a patch that fixes a problem that causes the game to crash multiple times.

It's no secret that Skyrim Remastered fans, who're playing in PS4, are experiencing FPS issues. However, as reported by Segment Next, owners of PS4 Pro are also experiencing the same issue, only that it's on much higher scale. Obviously, this has worried the community in one way or another.

The reason behind the aforementioned Skyrim Remastered issue is the mere fact that the title isn't designed for 4K gaming. Hence running it via the said native output will only result to frame drops of around 2 to 3. And yes, this is even possible on the title's standard version (PS4).

For this to be fixed, analysts suggest that Skyrim Remastered must have a framerate that is either equal or better than its normal capacity in the standard version. If not, PS4 Pro owners will only be experiencing it from time to time. As of this writing, Bethesda has yet to offer a solution -- let alone release an official statement.

On the other hand, the studio has released a brand new Skyrim Remastered update. It's only on a beta version, though. The patch is called 1.2, and is temporarily made available to the PC platform. It's main focus is to fix the various crashes that players are experiencing when playing the game. As detailed on Bethesda's official forum site, the devs are still working on the patch's official version so as to be released on the other platforms as well.

It's worth noting that beta contents in Skyrim Remastered are not active by default, thus players need to enable them automatically. To do so, simply go to Steam and right click on the game (which can be found in the Library). From there, select Properties and go to Betas. In the drop-down menu, go to Beta and click OK. After a couple of minutes, the game will automatically update.

What are your thoughts on the framerate issues Skyrim Remastered is experiencing? How about the latest beta patch Bethesda just released? You can let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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