Pokemon Go' Latest Cheats And Tricks For iOS 10 Unveiled; Say Goodbye To Jailbreaks And Long Walking Time

With Pokémon GO still currently atop the mobile gaming scene, some GO fans have found that the game is somehow monotonous. However, there are still those players who are attempting to ultimately conquer the game, but at times are momentously struggling. Luckily, there's currently a cheat intended for iOS users that willing players could definitely try. What's more convenient about this hack is that you are able to use it without jailbreak.

Fair Warning

This also comes with a grave warning, though, as cheating in any game will always be considered a bad thing. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon, would for sure eventually catch any cheater and would not think twice about suspending or even banning these players that will be caught trying to cheat on the game. You can continue reading at your own risk. But it is recommended, though, that you use the cheat on an alternate account so your main account will not face any risks.

How Does It Work?

Pokémon GO has already received its well-deserved hype by presenting something unique in its gameplay, in line with a very familiar package. In its most basic sense, the game requires players to run or walk around in the real world to catch and hatch Pokémon. However, a smart hack would enable iPhone users or any other Apple devices to make it seem like they are working on the maps of Pokémon Go, when in fact, they are actually not. This would be extremely useful for those players who could not find the time and energy to actually run around, catching virtual creatures. Also, it would become a lot safer from your phone being stolen or being involved in an accident.

Download the crack now!

YouTube user iCrackUriDevice had already explained in his video that the said Pokémon GO hack is still working with the most recent update that was released by Niantic. And as said, the hack also works for iOS 10 devices and will not be needing jailbreak. The user has also embedded the website download link of the actual cracked Pokémon GO app that he featured in his video.

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