Dota 2 News: Hackers Have Now Updated Their Scripts; Check Out How The New Scripts Work

In the past, Dota 2 was filled with hackers that are using scripts that made the game virtually imbalanced and unfair for the entire community. Many were frustrated back then after a Techies script had surfaced on the web and made accessible to many. Valve was quick to update their anti-cheat system but it didn't stop some hackers to keep from finding ways to exploit the system. Now, a new wave of scripts are making headlines on Reddit which shows just how advanced the new scripts are and that hackers have managed to somehow completely bypass the anti-cheat system of Valve.

Dota 2 Hacker's Scripts

Today, a Reddit user revealed compelling evidence of new scripts that are now live in-game and now, it isn't just a remnant of the past but a new and improved one for that matter. One script in particular, was caught first-hand by a popular twitch streamer, Versuta. Down below is the video of an alleged script user (Zeus) that uses automatic item cast.

Aside from the ridiculous automatic targeting mechanism, the script also enables the user to automatically chase down the target without actually hovering and looking at the spot. This means that even if the target goes invis, you're very well aware, thanks to the script, of the precise movement of the target as it can somehow "track" it without having visibility. As you may have noticed, the hero had the "green" movement mark even before the user actually issued any command.

Moreover, hackers are now improving their Timbersaw and Techies scripts by incorporating location tracking of enemy heroes which means that the script is now capable of measuring the actual distance between the target and the hero. In Timbersaw, the script is now capable of automatic Timber Chain into Chakram and Whirling Death combo. Even if there are trees blocking the path, the new script is also capable of measuring the exact distance of Chakram to fully clear the path for a perfect Timber Chain combo. For the techies, Force Staff into Remote Mines combo are even deadlier than ever. Here is an example of a Timber script user.

What do you think of the new scripts? Have you encountered a scripter in one of your public matches? Share your experiences in the comments down below!

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