Final Fantasy XV Guide To Greatswords And Stats

Square Enix brings again greatswords to Final Fantasy XV with several improvements and additions. Most of their locations cannot be determined yet. Greatswords are way stronger than the standard swords simply because most of them are double-edged. Here's a guide the basics of greatswords and how to use them.

Two-Handed Sword And Claymore

Two-handed Sword is best used when engaging with a swarm of enemies as its inflicts more damage. It has 48 Attack Power. It adds up to 53 to HP. Claymore is a mid-range greatsword with relatively high power. It sports 156 Attack Power. It adds up to 98 to HP and 32 to Vitality.

Force Stealer And Force Stealer II

Force Stealer is another mid-range greatsword. It has no additional bonuses on Final Fantasy XV. It has 210 Attack Power. Force Stealer adds up to 202 to HP and 6 to MP. Upgrade you Force Stealer so you get the most out of it. Force Stealer II boasts 463 Attack Power. It adds up to 308 to HP and 11 to MP.

Hardedge And Thunderbolt

Hardedge is a hard-hitting greatsword despite it weaker compared to others. It allows the user to damage appendages easily. It is immune to Doom status ailment. It has 244 Attack Power. Hardedge adds up to 153 to HP. Thunderbolt has 345 Attack Power. It adds up to 246 to HP and has 29 percent to lightning resistance.

Duel Code And Hyperion

Duel Code has 370 Attack Power. It adds massive 468 points max to HP. Hyperion uses a semi-automatic pistol which has a unique blade. It boasts 496 Attack Power. Hyperion adds up to 310 to HP.

Iron Duke And Dominator

Iron Duke can be acquired as a reward after completing "A Legend is Born" quest. It boasts 581 Attack Power. Iron Duke adds up to 153 to HP. Dominator boasts 583 Attack Power. It adds up to 298 to HP and 32 percent to dark resitance.

Apocalypse And War Sword

Apocalypse boasts 597 Attack Power, making it the most powerful greatsword in Final Fantasy XV. It adds up to 403 HP. War Sword gives outstanding blows that prevent enemy to defend. It has 78 Attack Power. War Sword adds up to 65 to HP.

Masamune And Kotetsu

Masamune inflicts greater damage against uninjured enemy. You can get this a pre-order bonus. It has 88 Attack Power. Masumune adds up to 49 to HP. Kotetsu has 136 Attack Power.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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