Final Fantasy XV Guide To Unlocking Dungeons, Locations And Rewards

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Dec 03, 2016 09:59 PM EST

Dungeons abound in Final Fantasy XV. Unlocking each one means getting great rewards that can help your gameplay in FFXV. However, the dungeons are not very easy to unlock. Compared to the 14 main quests and the lot of side quests that are in Final Fantasy XV, unlocking the Dungeons are more difficult thanks to the vicious monsters that live there. Don't worry. We have some good bit of information here that you can use to unlock those Dungeons, find the location of each and find out what great rewards await you there.

How To Unlock Dungeons In Final Fantasy XV

Dungeons in FFXV have vaulted doors that you need to unlock for you to penetrate it. How? You have to finish all chapters in Final Fantasy XV first. Once you are done, play the Menace Beneath Lucis Quest. This single quest will bring you into the path where all the Dungeons are located. Once you get on the quest, be sure to go to Risorath Basin located on top of the game map and is east of Vesperpool and talk to Ezma. She's the one who will give you the Dungeon Seal Key which is very important since it's the only key that can be used to all the Dungeon doors.

Dungeon Locations And Rewards

All in all, there are 12 Dungeons that you will find in Final Fantasy XV. One of these Dungeons is a secret one and which location can only be accessed by air. Another notable thing to remember is that most of the Dungeons contain the Royal Tombs, which in return holds the Royal Arms. If you have read our guide on Royal Arms, then you will know that these weapons are the most powerful that Noctis can use during combat. So let's take a look with where all these Dungeons can be located so you can start your quest of looking for each one and getting the rewards due you.

Keycatrich Trench

The Keycatrich Trench is the first Dungeon that you will encounter in Final Fantasy XV on Level 55.  This Dungeon is located towards the north of Wenverwilds in the mining region. As for rewards, you can find the Dominator and the Hyper Magnum in Keycatrich Trench. The first one is a greatsword infused with holy light and the other a powerful handgun.

Fociaugh Hollow

You should be able to tackle the Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon in Level 65. Where? Go to the forest and take westward route toward the The Three Valley. Just follow through the mountain area and find Maiacchi Hills. In Final Fantasy XV, this area has two Dungeons: Fociaugh and Castlemark Tower. We'll tell you about Castlemark Tower later. Go to Fociaugh Hollow first. This Dungeon has the one-handed sword Enhancer that is a boss reward. It also contains the ultimate pair of daggers, the Organyx, which allows you to enhance the wielders attributes. You will also find The Grand Chamberlain in Fociaugh Hollow that uses elixir when the maximum HP of Noctis falls halfway.

Greyshire Glacial Grotto

Another Dungeon that you will come across in Final Fantasy XV in Level 65 is the Greyshire Glacial Grotto. Take the road heading south from Vesperpool, go to the west and you'll soon fight the Glacial Grotto Dungeon. This Dungeon holds the boss reward, Executioner, that immediately destroys stationary targets. You will also get the Wizard Shield as a reward and make your spells more powerful with added magical strength.

Daurel Caverns

You will be able to find the Daurell Caverns in Level 72 of FFXV and is located in the south. You will easily find the Daurel Caverns because it's near Schier Heights, which happens to be a fishing location that you will find just off the main road. The rewards that this Dungeon holds is the Duel Code greatsword that inflicts even greater damage on singe enemies and the boss reward Precision Lance that has higher chances of landing critical hits against your opponents.

Balouve Mines

Upon reaching Level 78 of FFXV, you will come across Balouve Mines Dungeon. This one holds the Apocalypse blade that becomes even deadlier at low health and the Death Penalty which inflicts mortal wounds that instantly kills off your enemies. To get there, go to the Kingdom of Locis that is in the south of Callaegh Steps. Trek the old railway track there that is south of the camp site.

Steyliff Grove

The Steyliff Grove is recommended to be taken on Level 86 of Final Fantasy XV. You will find this Dungeon in Vesperpool but in the northern side. The Grove is in the far northwest part of the world map. Compared to other Dungeon locations, the Steyliff Grove has no direct road path. But there's a lake on the east where you can park if you have a ride. In this Dungeon, you can increase your MP recovery rate fast by having the Robe of the Lord reward, the Balmung and the Flayer that deals a flurry of great style attacks.

Crestholm Channels

In Level 92 of FFXV, you will find the Cresthom Channels. You can go there by going to Hammerhead and heading south. Find Ostium Gorge and there, you can get the Gigas Bangle to help increase your maximum HP. You can also get the Blue Diamond Bracelet and the Mighty Guard.

Castlemark Tower

On Level 99, you can go to Castlemark Tower which is also located in the Maiacchi Hills in The Three Valley. This is the same place where you can find the Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon. To get to Castlemark Tower, head to the south and look for The Fall grove. The Castlemark Tower holds two boss rewards, the Soul of Thamasa and the Dark Matter Bracelet that increases your character strength. You can also get the Divine Whiskers from this place.

Take note that the other three Dungeons, Myrlwood, The Rock of Ravatogh and Malmalam Thicket can only be accessed by foot in Final Fantasy XV. Myrlwood can be found in Vesperpool on the southwest part of the lake. The Rock of Ravatogh is in the south of the Secret Dungeon while Malmalam Thicket can be found in the west of Maidenwater, which is another fishing location in FFXV.

Pitioss Ruins

Lastly, you will get to the Secret Dungeon which is located in the Pitioss Ruins. As you have read earlier, the Secret Dungeon can only be accessed by air since its located in the far western mountain region in the world map. Since you cannot actually fly in Final Fantasy XV, you will need an airship to go to this Dungeon. Once you get there, you can have several rewards like the Black Hood, the Emerald Bracelet, the Insulated Inners, the Platinum Bangle and the Pendulum. Don't worry, the Pitioss Ruins do not have any monsters to battle against but it does have platform puzzles.

And before we forget, the Dungeon doors only open at night. So even if you're advised not to stay out so late in Final Fantasy XV because of vicious and nasty Daemons roaming, you can only ever use the Dungeon Seal Key at night. Whether you like it or not, you will have to conquer the monsters and open the Dungeons only at night - no other choice. But don't worry, the powerful rewards will make the Dungeon quest worth it.

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