Final Fantasy XV Guide To The Most Powerful Daggers You Should Own

Daggers are recurring weapons on Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix made sure that these weapons have modifications that will suit players taste. Here's a guide on the most powerful daggers in the game and how you can take advantage of its abilities and stats.

Final Fantasy XV Daggers - Zwill Crossblade

The Zwill Crossblade could be the most powerful dagger on Final Fantasy XV with base attack of 203. This legendary weapon is described "deadliest when the wielder is at full health" as it can inflict damage by 80 percent when HP is full. It also gives you 5 points as a maximum MP boost and 25 for Magic.

To get the Zwill Crossblade, you need to take down level 120 Naglfar at the end of the Wondrous Weapon quest which will only be unlocked after completing all 15 chapters of the game. Once Naglfar is beaten down, you'll get 20,000 experience points and the Squirming Bone which you need to bring to Randolph so he'll give you the Zwill Crossblades. You can sell this dagger for 10,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XV Daggers - Vigilante

The Vigilante dagger has a base attack of 176 making it the second most powerful dagger in the game. It has 5 percent chance to inflict Stop on the enemy. This weapon can give you a maximum HP boost of 5, and up to 20 for Magic. To get the Vigilante dagger, you need to finish the Glacial Grotto maze in Chapter 15. You can sell it for 7,500 gil.

Final Fantasy XV Daggers - Organyx

The Organyx dagger has a base attack of 155. Despite it no additional effects, it best used against elemental attacks as it is 10 percent resistant to fire, ice, thunder and darkness. It can boost Noctis' MP by 10, Vitality by 25, Magic by 23 and Spirit by 32. You can collect this by completing the Fociaugh Hollow maze at Galdin Quay in Chapter 15. You can sell it for 6,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XV Daggers - Ulric's Kukris

The Ulric's Kukris has base attack of 151. This dagger adds 1 percent to your HP and MP recovery. It can boost Noctis' HP by 282, MP by 24, Vitality by 15, Magic by 48 and Spirit by 21. It is also 21 percent resistant to bullet attacks, 5 percent to fire attacks, 7 percent to ice attacks, 4 percent to thunder attacks and 19 percent to dark attacks. You can get after finishing the Insomia quest in Chapter 14. Ulric's Kukris can be sold for 15,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XV Daggers - Orichalcum

The Orichalcum is light elemental dagger with base attack of 149. It can boost your MP up to 9 and Magic up to 20. You can purchase at the Meldacio Hunter HQ Shop in Costlemark Tower for 10,000 gil. You can sell it for only 5,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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