Final Fantasy XV Guide: Which Are The Best Early-Game Skills To Unlock From The Ascension Grid

Final Fantasy XV brings Ascension Grid wherein you can unlock hundreds of special abilities and bonuses for Noctis and his squad using your Ability Points (AP). This skill tree system has eight categories, namely: Teamwork, Combat, Armiger, Stats, Exploration, Wait Mode, Magic, Recovery and Techniques. To help you get away with the complexities of this system, here are the best and worth-saving abilities you have to unlock first early in the game from the Ascension Grid.

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Stalker (Combat)

Combat is basically exclusive to Noctis alone. A Blindside Strike under Combat, Stalker can increase damage by Noctis' Blindside (28 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Airstep (Combat)

Airstep could be the most important offensive skill he has to learn. To do this, navigate left stick and O to for Noctis to take a step in midair after attacking (costs MP). This can be done once only for 6 AP. Airsplip, to escape enemy attacks midair by pressing square (16 AP). Airstride, to execute a second Airstep after a second midair attack (52 AP). Airdance, to perform unlimited Airstep after midair attacks (333 AP). Death Drop, to warp into range and strike down from above by pressing O (28 AP). Osmostrike, to regenerate MP when an aerial attack connects (52 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Enhancement (Techniques)

Upgrading Techniques improves Noctis and his squad's special attacks during battles. Ignis' Enhancement Technique fills Noctis' weapon with the element his target is most vulnerable to which reduces the tech bar by one (18 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Warp Factor (Combat)

Another Noctis-exclusive Combat on the list, Warp Factor can increase Warp-strike damage (24 AP). Its Daemon Destroyer breaks down daemon appendages (24 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Rapid Regen (Recovery)

Upgrading Recovery skills improves Noctis' and his squad's ability to regenerate MP, HP and Stamina during battles. For Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus, Rapid Regen will increase MP and HP recovery rate while in support (10 AP). First Aid regenerates a little amount of HP for (24 AP). Advanced First Aid regenerates a little more HP (99 AP). Expert First Adi regenerates fully HP (333 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Magic Action (Magic)

Magic drastically influences Noctis' ability to absorb magical elements from his surrounding and craft spells. A Powercraft, Magic Action will gain you AP for using elemancy (24 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Dawnhammer (Techniques)

Dawnhammer inflicts great damage to an enemy with a strong greatsword slash. It reduces the tech bar by three (72 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Light Phase (Combat)

Light Phase depletes MP cost of phasing (8 AP). Its Ultralight Phase can decrease even more the MP cost of phasing (32 AP). Experimagic boosts Noctis' MP by the number of level he has earned (99 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Link-Up (Teamwork)

Teamwork skills will give Noctis' and his squad a variety of perks and damage bonuses. For the entire party, Link Up can increase link-strike damage (8 AP). Super Link Up increases even more link-strike damage (32 AP). Critical Link inflicts a critical hit when link striking (333 AP). Limitless Link goes beyond maximum link-strike damage (999 AP). Deathblow (except for Noctis) offers an overwhelming strike to an enemy (16 AP). Ultimate Deathblow (except for Noctis) brings a completely overwhelming strike to an enemy (99 AP).

Final Fantasy XV ­Ascension Grid - Accessory Slots (Stats)

Stats skills boost Noctis and his squad's spirit, health, vitality and accessory slots. Equip Noctis, Gladoilus, Ignis and Prompto with two accessories for 16 AP each and three for 333 AP each.

Final Fantasy XV is now available to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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