Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Easily Get All Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons are the most powerful in Final Fantasy XV. You can only start collecting them from blacksmith Randolph once you've completed all 15 chapters of the game. Here's a guide on how to eaily get all five legendary weapons on Final Fantasy XV.

Legendary Weapons - Iron Juke

Iron Juke is the reward from Randolph for completing your first quest. This legendary weapon is a two-handed sword. To get this, you need to beat down level 55 Bennu, the gigantic bird you're able to meet earlier in the game. It's fragile to Thunder spells so take many of this. After defeating Bennu, you'll get the Jet-Black Beak which you have to turn over to Randolp in exchange of the Iron Juke and 8,000 experience points.

Legendary Weapons - Dragoon Lance

Dragoon Lance is another reward from Randolph which you can get after completing the quest after "A Legend is Born." This legendary weapon is a spear. To get this, head over to Vesperpools and beat level 65 Malboddom. Its resistant to fire so Blizzard inflicts more damage. You can also use attacks from behind the enemy to maximize the damage. After beating down Malbodoom, you'll get the Malboro Tentacle which you'll need to give to Randolph in exchange of the Dragoon Lance and 10,000 experience points.

Legendary Weapons - Ziedrich

Ziedrich comes as a reward for accomplishing "A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma" quest. This legendary weapon is a shield. To get this, you have to beat Sir Tonberry twice. Take not that this enemy inflicts double damage to you so you need to equip your team with a ring and use Holy dodge and summon Ramuh. Bank on the dodging to take him down fast. After finishing him, you'll get the Chef's Knife which you have to take to Randolph to receive the Ziedrich and 12,000 experience points.

Legendary Weapons - Soul Saber

Soul Saber is the reward for Randolph's fourth quest "Cursed Legend." To get this, you need to defeat level 85 Phalaris. Don't fret you can do it without breaking a sweat. After completing it, bring the Resplendent Hollowhorn to Randolph and get the Soul Saber on top of 15,000 experience points.

Legendary Weapons - Zwill Crossblades

Zwill Crossblades will get you to the highest level quest "Wondrous Weapon." To get this, you need to beat down level 120 Naglfar. Bank on fire magic and as many healing items as possible to ensure you can sustain the battle. After beating him down, you get the Squirming Bone which you have to bring to Randolph in exchange of the Zwill Crossblades and a whopping 20,000 experience points.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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