Final Fantasy XV Guide To All Machinery Weapons Locations And Stats

Machinery weapons are part of Final Fantasy XV's diverse collection of armaments that Noctis and his squad can take hold of. Apart from being hefty and dawdling to use, this of weapons are usually enormous motorized gears that produce more immense damage against your enemies. All of them release waves of tremors on top of their unique abilities. Hence, acquiring a couple of them will definitely help your arsenal become more strategic. Here's a guide on where to find all machinery weapons available and how you can use them on Final Fantasy XV.

Machinery Weapons - Bioblaster

The Bioblaster is one of the early-game weapons that you can find. It releases poisonous mist that regenerates Noctis' magic points by 40. As an early-game weapon, it Attack power at 74 isn't bad at all. To get this, go to Leidi and head north until you reach Keycatrich Trench. From the ingress, you can climb up the cliff on the left and look for the chest on the floor.

Upgrade the Bioblaster to increase its Attack power to 339. You can get this by completing Cid's "A Better Bioblaster" side quest for you wherein you need to find a Dynamo.

Machinery Weapons - Auto Crossbow

The Auto Crossbow machinery fires a barrage of crossbow bolts that recovers Noctis' magic points by 60. Its Attack inflicts a 61-point damage. The weapon can boost health points up to 12 and can resist Shot-type attacks by 10 percent. You can get this weapon at the Keycatrich Trench inside a spacious room with a fire energy deposit.

You can upgrade the Auto Crossbow to increase its Attack stats to 323, HP boost to 18, Vitality to 38 and Shot-type attack resistance by 22 percent. You'll need the Cactuar Needle to do it. However, you have to kill a Cactur during Cid's "A Better Bioblaster" quest wherein you'll need the Beast Whistle to summon Cactuar.

Machinery Weapons - Circular Saw

The Circular Shaw is given automatically as a reward for beating down the Ma-X Cuirass at the end of Chapter 2. It has spinning blades which causes damage. This weapon recovers Noctis' magic points by 40. It has 90 Attack stats. It raises Vitality up to 9 and is resistant to Shot-type attack by 7 percent.

Upgrade this to increase Attack power to 356, Vitality to 21 and Shot Resistance to 12 precent. You can upgrade the Circular Shaw using the Sky Gemstone which you can get from a cat in exchange of giving it a food that you buy from the merchant at Cape Caem for 20,000 gil. You can also get this item when you talk to Maria at the start of Chapter 12.

Machinery Weapons - Gravity Well

The Gravity Well pulls your enemies in using a gravity sphere. It sports an Attack stats of 108 and boost the way you deal with spell damage by 8 points. This weapon fills Noctis' MP up to 80. You can get this inside a container office inside a giant hangar in the Engaging the Empire quest.

Upgraded version increases Attack stats to 374 and Magic to 18. You can upgrade the Gravity Well as you complete "A Better Gravity Well" side quest. 

Machinery Weapons - Noiseblaster

The Noiseblaster discharges a walloping sonic wave in great expanse. It sports an Attack power of 153 and Spirits boost of 11. To get this, you need to go to the Fort Vaullerey Imperial base west of the map. From the lobby, go right until you pass by ship containers and an open gate. Get inside the office and look for the weapon.

You can upgrade the Noiseblaster to increase Attack power to 397 and Spirit boost to 23. You can get this by completing "A Better Noiseblaster" quest.

Machinery Weapons - Drillbreaker

The Drillbreaker uses piercing drills to incure recurring damages against your enemies. It's the most powerful base machinery with 181 Attack power. It boosts HP by 7 and Vitality by 5. It is also 8 percent resistant to Shot-type attacks. You can also find this weapon in Fort Imperial base. Go to Fourmouth Garrison. From the entrance, head straight until you reach the space ships and containers. Look for a shack to find the weapon.

You can upgrade the Drillbreaker to boost its Attack power to 432, HP to 12, Vitality to 13 and Shot Resistance to 13 percent by completing "A Better Drillbreaker" side quest.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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