Final Fantasy XV Guide: Which Royal Arms Gain You More Advantage

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 05, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Not all Royal Arms or Armiger Weapons on Final Fantasy XV can do more advantage for Noctis and his squad than it seems. Royal arms are special weapons, and each of them has its own unique abilities. You have to understand however that they might be powerful but all of them exhaust your HP, while some do not earn you enough damage bonuses to compensate. To help you strike a balance, here's a guide on which Royal Arms on Final Fantasy XV gain you more advantage.

Best Royal Arms - Sword Of The Tall

Among the 13 Royal Arms on Final Fantasy XV, the Sword of the Tall has the strongest Power attack at 518. This two-handed weapon can boost Noctis and his squad's HP up to 200 which is good when defeating enemies that will cost you more HP with every single attack like Daemon. The disadvantage of this weapon however is that it will cost Noctis and his squad 30 points from magical attacks. Not to mention, it is less than 40 percent resistant to Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark-type attacks.

To get the Sword of the Tall, you need to beat the Jabberwork at night at the Costlemark Tower Dungeon. Increase your chances by battling him at level 55 and up.

Best Royal Arms - Shield Of The Just

The Shield of the Just may not be as potent at the Sword of the Tall but it is the best weapon to use during battles with enemies who have abilities to lower HP cap. Its Attack power at 251 isn't bad at all. This Royal Arm can add up to 500 HP to ensure regeneration of health is in fine fettle. You'll get away with the fear that you'll enter Danger Mode and eventually drop your HP cap once losing a battle, most especially against Daemon.

The Shield of the Just can boost Noctis and his squad's Vitality up to 100 and Spirit up to 30. It is also 10 percent resistant to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark and Shot-type attacks. The greatest downside of this weapon however is that Strength will cost you 100 points. You can get the Shield of the Just in Thommel's Glade.

Best Royal Arms - Axe Of The Conqueror

The Attack power of the Axe of the Conqueror at 483 doesn't go far behind the Sword of the Tail. It boosts Noctis' Strength by 60 points and Vitality by 80 which help a lot the physical attack and defense of the team. However, you can only get this at the Keycatrich Trench once you already have the Sword of the Wise.

Best Royal Arms - Mace Of The Fierce

Mace of the Fierce is another Armiger Weapon having great Attack stats at 334. Its HP boost at 300 helps you a lot with enemies whose attacks affect so much of your characters' health. However, its greatest downside is that it's less than 50 percent resistant to ballistic attacks. You can get the Mace of the Fierce at the summit of the Rock of Ravotogh.

Katana of the Warrior also has great Attack stats at 361. It boosts Noctis and his squad's Spirit by 100 points which can be helpful to resist damages inflicted by magic spells. In terms of resistance, the weapon can adjust up to 25 percent on the damages brought by Fire, Ice and Lightning magic. However, it's less resistant to Dark-type attacks. You can get the Katana of the Warrior after beating down Marlboro on the Hand of the King quest.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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