Final Fantasy XV Leveling Strategy: How To Maximize Day And Night Cycle

Leveling up is at the core of every game. In Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix offers a few distinct features that make this open world action role-playing game even more exciting than the previous installments. Boosting your ranks in this game goes beyond completing quests, surpassing enemies, eating food or collecting experience points. What sets Final Fantasy XV apart from the others is the fact that it has a new day and night cycle.

Days and night cycle is one of the most notable buffs of Final Fantasy XV. You earn experience points for embarking on quests and taking down enemies. The amount of EXP you get depends on the level of monsters you come across with. It will be calculated at the end of the day when you rest in camp sites or hotels. There are ways to double up your chances to level up as fast as possible using EXP.

Final Fantasy XV Leveling Strategy - How Day And Night Cycle Works

Each cycle of the day on Final Fantasy XV is equivalent to an hour in real world. During daytime, Noctis and his squad may embark on adventures they want. During night time, the characters must be resting in a camp site or hotels so they can be protected from attacking enemies. During this time as well is the phase when the characters level up.

You need to rest your characters so they could be ready to battle the next day. Without enough sleep, you Noctis will fail his stats and abilities, and compromising the EXP that you gain. You can level up by resting in camp sites requires no cost. In hotel settings, though expensive, it gives you experience multiplier which will catapult you to higher ranks fast.

Final Fantasy XV Leveling Strategy - Early Game

At the early stage of the game, there's no many sources of gil or money. For 30 gil only, staying at the caravan can boost your EXP by 1.2 times, not to mention that you can also buy cheap meals at the Hammerhead. Apart from leveling quickly, you are also saving a chunk of your money to purchase high-level weapons.

Final Fantasy XV Leveling Strategy - Mid Game

In the middle part of the game, you can choose regular motels that can earn you 1.5 times boost to your EXP after beating down enemies and finishing quests. However, meals get a little more expensive. If you want to save up though, you can enjoy your time at camp sites. This will grant Ignis a chance to hone his skills in cooking.

Final Fantasy XV Leveling Strategy - Post Game

After completing the whole story campaign, you might have store a ton of gil. At Galdin Quay, you can double up EXP bonus for 10,000 gil. It's expensive so you do it once in a while only. You will need this boost later on.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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