Final Fantasy XV Complete Guide To All Firearms, Locations And Attributes

Firearms are recurring weapons in Final Fantasy XV. They are very handy and powerful enough to carry during battles. Here's a complete guide to all firearms, where to locate and how you can use them.


With attack power of 43, Handgun could be the weakest. It gives your spirit additional 4 points. Despite low attack damage, it increases injuries on body parts or appendages by 80 percent. You can buy this at the shop in Hammerhead for 50 gil and sell it for 25.


Cocytus has base attack power of 43 and boosts your Spirit by 7. It inflicts ice-based damage. You can purchase this at the shops in Hammerhead, Galdin Quay and Prairie Outpost for 150 gil. You can sell it for 75 gil.


Calamity metes out 49 points in attacks and boosts spirit by 5. It also has 10 percent chance to inflict poison attacks. You can but this at the shop in Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station (Cauthess) for 300 gil or collect it from the north of Wiz Chocobo Outpost. Sell this arm for 150.

Mythril Pistol

Mythril pistol offers 80 base attack. It adds up to 42 to magic and 11 to spirit. You can get this for 600 gil at the shop in Wiz Chocobo Post, Coernix Station (Cauthess) or just pick it up somewhere north of the area. Sell this pistol for 300 gil.


Valiant is one of the mid-range firearms in Final Fantasy XV.  It has a base attack power of 118 and can absorb elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow against the opponent. It boosts MP by 11 and spirit by 12. You can get this at the at Cape Caem farm in exchange for four carrots.

Upgraded version of Valiant has attack power of 143. It boosts MP by 14 and spirit by 21. You can get this by completing one of Cid's side quests, "A Better Valiant."


Cerberus is another mid-range firearm. It has a base attack stat of 120 and enables snipe-mode for Noctis. It can boost your spirit by 6. You can get this a drop from MA Vele0bis appendage after 10 percent damage, or collect this at Fort Vaullerey.


A mid-range weapon, Rebellion sports an attack power of 124 and boosts spirit up by 15. It gives critical bonus when the holder's HP drops low. You can buy this from Lestallum Verina Mart Imperial vendor in Steyliff Grove (Chapter 7) for 1,500 gil and sell it for 750.

Flame Gun

Flame Gun is also a mid-range weapon which has 145 base attack stats. It inflicts fire-based damage. It raises spirit by 16. Get this for 5,000 gil at Altissia Cartanica Tenebrae Gralea. You can also pick it up at Pitioss Ruins. Sell thus for 2,500 gil.


Another mid-ranger, Quicksilver has a base attack power of 148 and increases damages on body parts or appendages by 80 percent. It adds up to 18 points to spirit. You can purchase this for 8,000 as Hammerhead Prompto default in Chapter 14. Sell it for 4,000 gil.


Enforcer, a mid-ranger, attacks for 152 points. It adds 10 percent critical rate chance and boosts spirit by 19. You can buy this at Meldacio Hunter HQ in a mini-game of Tomostro for 10,000. Sell it for 5,000 gil.


Executioner is a top-tier firearm with base attack power of 214. It inflicts 50 percent damage to lone enemies at a 65-feet range. It boosts spirit by 22. You can get this as a collectible somewhere in Glacial Grotto Maze in Chapter 15. Sell it for 7,500.

Hyper Magnum

Hyper Magnum is another high-level firearm with base attack power of 222. It can boost your spirit by 21. You can collect this either in Fort Vaullery or Keycatrich Trench in Chapter 15. Sell this for 6,000 gil.

Death Penalty

Death Penalty is the most powerful firearm with base attack power of 424. It helps increase your spirit by 25. Get this at the Balouve Mines Maze and sell it for 10,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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