Capcom Projects Resident Evil 7's First Day Sales Up To 4 Million

Capcom has made an announcement one month ago regarding their projection for Resident Evil 7, and they have estimated it to reach as high as 4 million sold copies in its sales during its launching period. The video game developer and publisher is more confident than ever about the financial success of their upcoming survival-horror title since they believe that the game will sell more than 4 million units in sales during its first day of availability.

Antoine Molant, Capcom EMEA marketing director, said that the primary reason why the company have thought of such possibility is because Resident Evil 7 has an ability to attract buyers even from its first day due to the numerous pre-orders which have already been placed by fans. The figures in their pre-order sales are considered to be very good.

The marketing director is also confident that the brand's familiarity is a solid basis for its high sales since Resident Evil 7 is considered as one of the major releases made by Capcom. High sales on day one of the game's release is surely attainable especially if the success of other modern Triple-A titles will be considered. Games such as Final Fantasy 15 by Square Enix has become the fastest-selling game in its entire series which reached 5 million units sales on its release date.

If the last two entries for the Resident Evil franchise will be taken into consideration, Capcom's projection could be perceived as ambitious since the previous titles have yet to reach 8 million unit sales. Resident Evil 5 as of now has only sold 7.1 million units, and Resident Evil 6's sales are below the expected number with only 6.6 million units sold.

Resident Evil 7 will be launched on Jan. 24, 2017, and it will be made available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One, according to Game Rant.


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