What Is The Samsung Galaxy S8 'All-Screen Design'?

One of the biggest questions of 2017 will be how Samsung recovers from its disastrous Note 7 failure, and Google's triumphant Pixel launch this year. It seems that the company's direct answer is to push the boundaries of design with the next upcoming Galaxy S flagship phone, which, according to reports, will be featuring an "all-screen" design.

Samsung removing the home button

Reports indicate that Samsung will be replacing its traditional physical home button with a virtual one that will be covered in glass located in the lower section. It's not particularly clear whether that would mean a capacitive key as we've seen on most other Android devices, or a pressure-sensitive solution similar to Apple's 3D Touch.

Expect a bezel-less front

Certainly, there must be some bezel, most likely at the bottom of the phone, as even the Mi Mix, which is known to be almost bezel-less, leaves a black strip at its bottom. Reports have also said that there will be more than one S8 device, with the sizes likely being the same as this year's 5.1-inch S7 and 5.5-inch S7 Edge. Unlike this year, however, the next generation of the Galaxy flagship phones will all have curved, wraparound displays.

Snapdragon 835 a sure thing

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 has been confirmed in some of the reports as being one of the chips that Samsung will be using, though it is said to be once again a combination between that and Samsung's own Exynos line. The 835 is especially interesting today as Microsoft just recently announced some support for it in a new program of bringing Windows x86 apps to ARM processors.

New Voice AI

On the software end, Samsung is already known to be planning an all-new voice assistant, which the company claims to be significantly differentiated from others on the market, and it will be featuring some AI enhancements as well.

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