Can The 'PlayStation 4 Pro' Create A Better World For Gamers?

PlayStation 4 games have never looked so amazingly good, but is it truly worth spending out all that extra cash for some slightly flashier visuals? The PlayStation 4 may be well ahead of the Xbox One in the sales column, but that doesn't mean Sony has already stopped trying and have taken everything for granted, especially now with Microsoft seemingly closing the gap.

New Sony gaming hardware

Sony has recently released three new pieces of gaming hardware over the past few months, starting with the PlayStation 4 Slim, followed by the PlayStation VR headset, and now the PlayStation 4 Pro. Unfortunately, despite offering 4K gaming and HDR support to the PlayStation brand, the PS4 Pro is actually the hardest among the three to recommend.

The PS4 Pro

In terms of design, the PlayStation 4 Pro looks like a regular PS4 with another story added on top. It's definitely not the best-looking console, plus it's really heavy and it would take up more space on your TV. However, it does feature one or two tweaks that make a difference.

Features of the PS4 Pro

First, you can now actually see the power and eject buttons, which means no more fumbling and accidentally pressing the wrong button. There's also a USB slot at the back of the console, which is great if you've already got a PlayStation VR because you can now plug the processor unit into the back of the PS4 Pro and hide any messy wires behind.

If you already own a PS4 and a 4K TV with HDR, then it would be best if you'd stick to what you have right now. It's not really worth spending another £350 for a PS4 Pro that only differs from the standard PS4 in terms of flashier graphics.

PlayStation is molding the future

Slowly but surely, Sony has started molding a better future for console gaming. With the introduction of their three newest hardware, it can definitely be an avenue for creating a whole new world of gaming.

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