Overwatch News: Biggest Hints That Point To A Possible Valentine's Day Event

The Overwatch patches that were recently released for PC players to try out reportedly contained romantic lines from two characters. Apparently, talks of letter-giving and chocolates point to "Gency" as a couple in the making. In the meantime, rumors have been circulating that a Lunar Year event may be in the works for the game.

Sweet Lines Recovered From PTR Patches

Reddit users have allegedly datamined romantic voice lines from patches sent for the Overwatch public test realm. Among the details that have been unearth noted Reinhardt losing his cool on the Oasis map and several characters making New Year's resolutions. In addition, an Overwatch Sub Reddit user named akhanubis reportedly datamined three voice lines between Genji, his brother Hanzo and Swiss healer Mercy.

First, Genji was revealed asking Hanzo for chocolates. After getting rebuffed, it was reportedly discovered that Mercy got Swiss chocolates especially for Genji. It should also be noted that Genji has been calling Mercy by her real name in Overwatch, Angela.

The Overwatch dataminer also revealed that Genji gave chocolates to Mercy. However, the Swiss healer was allegedly disappointed after finding out that the cyborg ninja has not given her Swiss chocolates. Previously, a holiday comic from last year also showed the two sending letters to each other. The Overwatch fans have reportedly nicknamed the couple, Gency.

Firecracker Junkrat, Dragon Tamer Mei And Other Chinese New Year Skins

Meanwhile, the League of Legends reportedly got a Lunar Revel. This change sparked rumors that the Overwatch developers may also launch a Chinese New Year special for the game. Several Overwatch skins such as a Firecracker Junkrat may be in the works.

The Overwatch Brothers Genji and Hanzo may also sport dragon tatoos to celebrate the Lunar Year. It should be noted that the Overwatch game has been revealed as a big hit in China. Rumor has it that the elegant Symmetra may also come out as a Jade Empress. Note that the Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan previously revealed that Mei would be getting a new Legendary skin early in 2017.

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