Three Reasons Why The iPhone 8 Could Be Apple's Biggest Failure This Year

Although many believe that the iPhone 7 failure won´t be repeated in the iPhone 8 because of the new innovations, there are reasons to believe that history can repeat itself. Photo : Techtips2000/YouTube

There´s no doubt that the upcoming iPhone 8 is probably the most anticipated smartphone this year, not only because of the fact that Apple products have been constantly framed because of its greatness and groundbreaking innovations, but also because this is a product that will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone ever released. However, even when the expectations are huge, and many believe that this mobile device could also end up being extraordinary, there are reasons to believe that this could be Apple´s biggest failure. Here are the three most important.

The iPhone 8 Innovation Won´t Be Enough To Mesmerize Customers As It Used To

One of the biggest issues with any single product that constantly release new versions is the risk of getting a lack of improvements and innovations that subsequently made customers get bored of it. Although the first sequels of the product would be great enough to generate great revenues, there´s always a moment improving its quality seems extremely difficult.

Unfortunately for Apple lovers, this could be exactly the case of the iPhone, which even when it still has a huge popularity and represent the most important product of the company right now, it just got to the point in which there´s not so much innovations that can blow customers´ minds. A transparent phone? Wireless charging? It sounds great, but it won´t be revolutionary features as the touchscreen. In matter fact, as reported in a previous article, after the iPhone 8, Apple will have to think a lot if is convenient or not to kill the iPhone as they did with the famous iPod.

The iPhone 8 Could Be Quite Expensive

Everyone knows that one of the main characteristics of Apple´s products is that they are not exactly cheap, which has been constantly justified with the argument that its quality worth the cost. And of course, this haven't been inaccurate at all, given the fact that devices a the iPhone, the iMac or the iPod has been so outstanding that the price has always been a secondary issue.

Although this is something that can also be said about the iPhone 8, this is a new era in which the price can easily become something that could decrease an iPhone popularity, since the competition has increased its power, quality, and has managed to offer prices that are much lower than Apple phones. Naturally, one of the best examples could be latest Samsung´s flagships.

However, what makes this reason extremely dangerous for the Cupertino company, is because of the fact that the Chinese smartphones are coming to the U.S., being this the only market in which these mobile devices haven't compete. And of course, the delicate detail about these smartphone is that in addition to great specs and features, they are characterized for having the cheapest price while offering almost the same as the latest flagships.

There Are Other Extraordinary Flagships That Could Beat It

Before you think that having a ferocious competition is something that Apple has always faced before the release of an iPhone, this year will definitely be quite different, considering that the expectations that some other upcoming flagships have raised among the customers, is something that hasn't been seen in years, and this could be extremely dangerous for the iPhone 8.

In one hand, it´s most important competitor in the smartphone market will release the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, which are two of the most expected mobile devices this year, since the Galaxy S7 series were a huge success, and because people wants to know how the next Note phone could be, after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Also, there´s the Surface Phone, which is expected to be one of the most outstanding ever released in the history and the first time in which Microsoft could compete on the same terms with Apple in the smartphone business. And finally, the Chinese smartphones as the Huawei 910 and Mate 10, which seems to be mobile devices that will become iPhone 8 and Apple´s worst nightmare, not only because many believes that is sales would be huge, but also because of the fact that the Chinese phones could conquer the U.S. market within 5 years.

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