The Apple iPhone 9 Is The Smarthphone Of The Future: What Will The Future Be Like?

It's still early, but people are already jumping way too forward and thinking about when the iPhone 9 will be released, and how different it will look from today's smartphones in terms of features, specs, and design. Generally speaking, some people are already wondering what the smartphones of the future would look like.

Future Apple smartphones

A lot of tech experts and analysts have spent a lot of time wondering about the next generation of Apple devices. But sometimes it also pays off to take a step back and think about the longer terms, as well as the bigger picture. Where is technology headed? What does the future have for us? And what will Apple's smartphones be looking like in 2018, in 2020 and beyond?

The iPhone 9

But before we could even jump into some serious conclusion, let's go through it one by one, starting with the iPhone 9, in which, by current trends, should be appearing somewhere between 2018 and 2020. As we move further into the future, our predictions will become more speculative, and many of these predictions will no doubt turn out to be false. But nonetheless, it is good that we are already making predictions, that way the company might consider what people are already speculating now and might end up incorporating that suggestion.

What would the iPhone 9 turn out?

As for the iPhone 9, people are believing that it will turn out to be a pretty revolutionary change that would definitely change the course of how we view the iPhone. Considering that the upcoming iPhone 8 is already pretty impressive, to say the least, the iPhone 9 would definitely be a jaw-dropper, offering some enhanced specs like a much-improved design, display, features, and specs.

iPhone 9 for the future

As of now, we are more focused on the iPhone 8 and what it offers, so it's pretty hard to predict what will the iPhone 9 will truly have in its bag. But whatever it would be, we are pretty sure that it will truly be something for the future, and it would definitely turn out to be the best-selling iPhone once it comes out in the future.

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