AT&T Removes 2G Wireless Networks, Affected Devices Include 1st Gen iPhone

AT&T has been one of the leading companies in the world. And as far as innovation and growth are of concerns, the company would not let themselves nab the last spot. With this, they would need to remove some of their common services and start a new one. Just these past few days, AT&T revealed that it would be ending its 2G wireless network.

AT&T Ends 2G Wireless Network, Implementation Already Started This Year

According to some sources, it was believed that AT&T already came up with the decision based on its thorough plans and thoughts that started almost a year ago. And finally, they revealed that they would bid farewell to the 2G wireless network.

Reports told that the implementation is fast-paced as the decision was made a few days ago. It was believed that the said wireless network already ended its duty on the first day of January.

The said removal would affect certain devices like the first-gen iPhone. It was everybody's knowledge that the first successful smartphone of Apple is powered with a 2G service. And with the network shutting down, the said smartphone is expected to not receive the usual service that it gets. First-gen users are expected to use a Wi-Fi connection to be able to browse and surf the Internet.

2G Wireless Network Finally Ended As First-Gen iPhones Are Declared Obsolete As Well

However, recent publications admitted that the removal of the network service would not greatly affect Apple products as they also declared their first-gen iPhone obsolete as well. This is because the device carries only Apple's iOS 3 that were developed many years ago.

With the said removal, it is expected that AT&T would have greater rooms for improvement and development on their part. Reports told that the company is already preparing a room for 4G LTE. Also, it was reported that 5G is already getting its support from the company.

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