Overwatch: Top 5 Facts You May Have Missed

Overwatch has definitely grown so much since its official release - players have seen a ton of game changes that basically shifted the entire meta back and forth. Players have seen new maps, buffs and nerfs and even a major overhaul for a specific hero. But little do some of the players know, there are some heroes that have stayed untouched, and some that have been buffed numerous times but are still out of the meta. Get to know them all down below.

Untouched Heroes

One thing that made Overwatch highly successful is the fact that Jeff Kaplan and his team constantly communicate with their community. They keep on making updates depending on the feedback and concerns of most players. With that being said, the game has seen a lot of balance changes however, there are still untouched heroes to date and these are: Reaper, Reinhardt, Winston and Tracer. Surprisingly enough, despite Reinhardt's popularity since day 1, the hero remained unblemished and is still highly viable this season. Same goes for Reaper and Tracer. Although Winston is less seen in the current meta, the hero is still considered as a great tank nonetheless.

Month of No Changes

The Overwatch team constantly aspires to make improvements on the daily basis to cope up with the growing demands of the community as well as to refine the game and make it a highly competitive eSport. It has been widely known that Overwatch gets a regular update (at least once a month) but way back in August, Blizzard made no changes on the game. This month also marked the release of the Summer Games.

Hero With The Most Changes (4)

Way before triple tank Meta was a thing, McCree was regarded as the deadliest assassin in the field - especially at the hands of skilled players that can constantly score headshots. Due to the hero's popularity, it has undergone to numerous changes that somehow affected its performance as a whole. Although he is still considered balanced, he's once stellar stature is now obscured by the current meta-hero, Soldier 76. Still, it's safe to say that this gunslinger can still pack a punch in the current meta.

Most Nerfed Hero (3)

Lucio is considered as one of the best support heroes in the game. Not only is the hero capable of healing and shielding his teammates, he also has a unique ability that can save his team escape during chokepoints and even control the pace of the match. Due to his popularity in the top ladder, Lucio constantly receives nerfs but ironically, the hero is still one of the most picked support heroes in the game - alongside Ana.

Most Buffed Hero (3)

Mercy has a unique ability and that, she is the only hero capable of bringing back the dead. The only problem is that, she lacks mobility to keep herself alive and to constantly heal and support her team. Blizzard then decided to buff the hero but until today, she is still one of the least picked supports. The main problem stems from the slow ultimate recharge which is her core strength. Until Blizzard reverts her old ultimate cooldown, fans probably won't see a lot of Mercy in the competitive scene.

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