Overwatch: Here's What To Expect On The Upcoming Year of the Rooster Event

Chinese New Year is about to come and with it, comes the annual Blizzard events that span across most of its prominent titles and of course, Overwatch is no exception. This year, the Overwatch team is preparing for the upcoming Year of the Rooster Event which highlights the upcoming skins for both Mei and D.Va. But before players start jumping into the hype train, they should start considering these small facts. Here's the list of what to expect for the upcoming event:

Overwatch: What To Expect For the Upcoming Year of the Rooster Event?

Mei and D.Va New Skins

Way back in December, iTechpost reported about the mixed reactions of Mei's Legendary Skin and how some fans are quite disappointed about the lack of features on it which eventually led to the announcement of Jeff Kaplan that a new Legendary skin will be released earlier of next year. Many speculated that the new Legendary skin will come alongside the Chinese New Year event which was just announced today. Based on the trailer down below, D.Va is apparently getting a new skin as well. Will both of these be legendary skins? Many think they will be considering the change in cosmetic designs for both heroes.

Single-Day Event/Content Update

Notice how the trailer only specifies a single date which is January 24, 2017. During the previous major events (i.e. Halloween and Christmas events), the announced date were given in sets (e.g. October 11-November 1 for Halloween). So what's the idea behind giving fans a single day event? Well some fans have mixed ideas about that and one of those is that the upcoming Chinese New Year event will likely be the same as the Eichenwalde where players got two new skins, emotes, etc.

During the end of December, Jeff Kaplan announced their plans about holding future events including both seasonal and holiday events. Could this hint that they're planning on holding 1-day events this year?

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