NES Classic Edition: Will It Suffer Another Out-Of-Stock Problem?

Everyone is expecting that Nintendo would resolve the stock issues with its Nintendo NES Classic Edition following the Japanese gaming company's promise to deliver on the continued growing demand for the gaming console. While Nintendo may have somehow already learned its lesson from the NES Classic shortage, some users continue to believe that the Nintendo Switch may face similar problems upon its release in the market.

Online price for NES Classic drops

Prices of the Nintendo Classic Mini NES through online and third-party sellers have already dropped online, reports TechTimes. The price drop may be due to the anticipation that Nintendo will soon be refreshing its inventory in retailers such as Toys R Us and Target.

According to the report, third-party online sellers used to offer the Nintendo NES Classic higher than $150 when Nintendo underestimated the demand for the NES Classic Edition. Avid retro gamers who could not get their hands on the Classic Mini NES opted to but from resellers and opportunists despite higher prices.

NES Classic now available for $140 or less

Currently, online prices for the Nintendo Classic Mini NES have dropped to or less than $140, having some sellers offering bids of even $80 or less. The company also told MobilenApps that they have underestimated the demand for the gaming console, which led to the massive shortage in supply.

State of the Switch

This also made a lot of people wonder whether the company's upcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, will face similar issues as the NES Classic. However, Fils-Aime guarantees that the company will be producing 2 million units on the Switch's official launch date ALONE.

Right now, Nintendo is accepting pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch, which will massively help the company get an estimate of the demand for the new console. Fils-Aime is also optimistic that they are going to have a steady flow of hardware available should the demand exceed their expectations yet again.

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