NES Classic Edition Available At ThinkGeek, But It Can't Be Easily Bought

According to reports, ThinkGeek is currently offering yet another exciting "game of chance" for everyone who wants to own a Nintendo NES Classic Edition console. The American-based retailer is currently holding a special contest.

The NES Classic Edition is currently on sale on their website, but buying one from their limited stock will not be easy. ThinkGeek's contest will allow lucky buyers to purchase the coveted console for only $59.99, but they have to follow some certain procedures in order for them to qualify for the opportunity.

How to buy NES Classic console from ThinkGeek

First, buyers will have to access the contest page and input the required credentials. Entries can also be submitted via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Contestants have a total of six chances to win.

The draw is set for January 23 at 12 P.M. EST. The winners will then be provided access to a private link where they can then buy the NES Classic.

ThinkGeek hosting contests for the NES Classic

ThinkGeek has recently announced that some limited stocks of the console would be delivered to their warehouses. They have also hosted a previous contest on how to win the NES Classic Edition.

Last December, the contest required consumers to create an account in and to add the console to their wishlist by a specific date. The contest was valid up until the items went out of stock.

Once chosen, the company's mascot, "Timmy," will send a unique code along with a link to buy the NES Classic. The little console was one of the hottest holiday gifts, containing thirty of the most popular classic games in the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The NES Classic Edition

Some of the games on the list are the classic "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda." There are also "Mega Man 2," "Metroid," "Double Dragon II," "Castlevania," "Punch-Out," and so much more. Because of the limited supply, ThinkGeek has advised everyone that there will only be "a few hundred units" reserved and available for the contest.

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