Nintendo Reveals Cute All-Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL With New Pikachu Design

Nintendo has revealed its latest for the Nintendo 3DS XL and it could not be any cuter. The said new design features the star of the “Pokemon” franchise, the adorable yellow Pikachu. Another great news is that it will be out in the markets soon.

Nintendo has just announced that it will be releasing a new line of Nintendo 3DS XL clad in a new design. This design is simply charming with Pikachu starring in its main concept. The new design has the whole console covered in Pikachu’s yellow glossy finish and the character himself is drawn in a sketch of a darker shade of yellow.

The said new design, which has been aptly named as The Pikachu Yellow Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL will be made available starting this Feb. 24. It will be sold at $199.99, which is the same price as the regular designs in various colors. The bundle will include the hardware, a stylus also in yellow, 4GB microSDHC Memory Card, and six AR Cards.

This is the second Nintendo 3DS XL console design starring Pikachu that Nintendo has released. In August 2012, an earlier design of the said portable console had Pikachu in the center of the cover and scheme, which consisted of yellow, white, black, and red colors, unlike the new one that is purely in shades of yellow. Safe to say, the latest Pikachu design for the said gaming console is better than the first one and this new variant of the Nintendo 3DS is actually quite an investment for anyone who is into collecting “Pokemon” or Pikachu stuff. Other “Pokemon” characters were also featured in earlier designs such as Charizard and Evee.

Though the Nintendo Switch was finally unveiled earlier this month and has been announced to hit stores in March this year, Nintendo is still making developments for Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS XL console, known as Nintendo 3D LL in Japan, was first released in 2012. It was initially launched in the basic one color designs, in which it varied in every region.

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